5 Ways Aesthetics Medicine is a Positive Career Change for Doctors

There’s no doubt that aesthetics is an incredibly fast-growing industry, worth around £3.6 billion in the UK alone. For medical professionals such as doctors, this thriving field can offer an exciting new career path that is both challenging and rewarding.

While the demand for cosmetic medicine has never been higher, many doctors are unaware of the potential opportunities within the field. Aesthetics training is an excellent complement to existing medical knowledge and is a viable career choice either as a supplementary form of income or a standalone profession. There are a host of benefits that come with training as an aesthetician — many of which cannot be obtained from a traditional career in medicine.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the five reasons why aesthetics training is a great choice for doctors looking for a career change.

What is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine is a specialty that focuses on enhancing cosmetic appearance. With treatments including Botox®, dermal fillers and non-surgical rhinoplasty, procedures are heavily focused on the face and neck area — meaning that extensive anatomical knowledge of the head is necessary to administer injections successfully.

The unique skill set required for aesthetics makes doctors the perfect candidates for training and stands them in good stead for a successful and lucrative career. As well as medical expertise, doctors possess experience dealing with patients and familiarity with sterile equipment. For many, aesthetics training feels like a natural progression and an opportunity to build on existing skills.

What makes aesthetic medicine a great career for doctors?

If you’re a doctor with experience solely in the NHS, some of the benefits of an aesthetics career may be a surprising but welcome change. Whether you’re looking for flexible working hours or more variety in your personal life, aesthetics training could be an excellent option for you. Here are five of the main benefits of a career in aesthetic medicine:

High earning potential

It’s no secret that aesthetics practitioners enjoy a rewarding salary in exchange for their services. You can also dictate how much you make and adjust your working hours to meet your desired salary. Most aesthetic treatments are performed in around 10-15 minutes, but many run into the hundreds of pounds per procedure. This makes it clear that aesthetics is a highly skilled profession that individuals are willing to pay for. If you’re eager to put in the work to create a reputable clinic and build a trusted client list, there are endless opportunities to make a lucrative and rewarding living.

Run your own business

The satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from running your own aesthetics practice is a feeling that cannot be beaten and is one of the top reasons medical professionals choose to enter the industry. Not only do you dictate your own working hours, but you’re also able to choose who you work with and build a team of experts who share your ideals and can help you steer your clinic to success. As a business owner, you’re in a position to reap the rewards of a thriving clinic in a fast-growing industry. When you follow the necessary steps to create a prosperous clinic with a loyal list of clients, you stand yourself in good stead to enjoy a long career in the field.

Another perk of running your own aesthetics business is the dramatically increased time you’re able to spend with each of your clients. If your previous work has been undertaken solely within the NHS, you’ll know that the current pressure on doctors is unbelievable, and the minimal time you’re able to dedicate to each patient can be highly frustrating.

Exploring the field of aesthetics may be a refreshing change for those who feel like they’ve spent the majority of their working life rushing around and trying to meet the needs of a large number of patients with minimal time available. If you enjoy patient interaction and building a rapport with your clients, there is a much higher scope for creating lasting relationships and dedicating the necessary amount of time to each patient.

Balance work and social life

The level of stress and pressure that doctors face in daily working life can have a negative impact on mental health and family life. Aestheticians can enjoy a much more desirable work-life balance and flexibility in their schedules. If you’re feeling burnt out due to the strains of NHS demands and limitations, aesthetics could be a great opportunity to spend less time stressing about work and more time to dedicate to your personal life and loved ones.

Growing market

With the aesthetics industry worth billions in the UK alone and steadily rising each year, now is the perfect time to enter the industry. Not only is the demand for treatments extremely high, but thanks to the growing awareness around the concerning lack of regulations in this country, patients are also increasingly seeking procedures from qualified professionals such as doctors. This niche request for aestheticians with extensive medical experience means that on completion of training, your services will be in high demand from the UK public. 

Enjoyable and rewarding career

The creativity that comes with a career in aesthetics is both challenging and satisfying. Unlike traditional medicine, where you are attempting to rectify a negative health issue, aesthetics creates the opportunity for you to enhance a patient’s image and assist them in creating the best physical version of themselves. Not only is this a positive experience for clients, but it also means that you’ll be working in a predominantly joyful and optimistic environment. Many aestheticians cite the opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of their patients as one of their top reasons for choosing a career in aesthetics.

Aesthetics training for doctors

Acquisition Aesthetics is a gold-standard training academy that operates throughout the UK and Ireland, offering a wide range of courses to professionals in the medical industry, such as doctors. Our award-winning courses provide comprehensive theoretical and practical training that expertly prepares you for a successful career in aesthetics.

If you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you. Please call 0203 514 8757 or email us at contact@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk to speak to a member of the team.

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