Best Lip Filler Courses UK: What to Consider

Lip fillers are one of the most searched for aesthetic treatments in the UK. In recent years the demand for this treatment has risen at an unprecedented rate, with requests in clinics skyrocketing. Lip fillers are also one of the most profitable treatments on a clinic’s portfolio, so can be extremely lucrative to generate income and attract new customers to your business.

However, many of those offering lip fillers aren’t medically qualified, which can lead to problems in practice and aftercare. Suitable practitioners of this non-surgical procedure are qualified healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists and nurses) with an active license to practice. already medically trained, such as dentists, doctors and nurses.

Seeking accredited training opportunities in aesthetic medicine is vital to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your patients. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re selecting the best lip filler courses in the UK for you and your career:

What to look for in lip filler courses?

Aesthetic training is a great step to take to be able to offer aesthetics treatments from your clinic. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re selecting the best lip filler courses UK for you and your career:

  • Reputation of your trainer(s) – you want to ensure that your trainers knows their practical, theory and industry. Take a look at reviews, look online and seek out recommendations or testimonials from your peers. Awards, nominations and commendations are another good way to assess the reputation of your trainer.
  • Fully insured by a recognised indemnity provider – this is to protect you and any patients you work with during your aesthetic training.
  • Anatomy and physiology training – does the course cover detailed anatomy to enable you to give the best treatment to your patients and understand the best lip filler techniques to use?
  • Marketing insights – will your course tell you about the current lip fillers UK market, trends in aesthetics practice and give you the tools you need to connect with and convert potential clients? Running a successful aesthetics business isn’t just about being able to inject dermal filler correctly, there’s a whole other side to understanding the industry and marketing skills.
  • Hands-on practical training in a range of techniques – this is an essential part of aesthetics training and aesthetics courses for beginners. You will be carrying out treatments on patients, so you need to be confident, comfortable and knowledgeable about carrying this service out on patients. If your trainer is teaching you on a mannequin, rather than real, live patients then this course isn’t giving you the skills you need to perform independently with confidence.
  • Guidance on consultation and treatment planning – with aesthetics training you want to ensure that you get the skills you need to treat patients, including consultation and aftercare advice for patients.
  • Cost – the cost of your training is important. Make sure you weigh up everything that’s on offer and the quality of the service with the course costs.

Why choose a lip filler course or aesthetic training with Acquisition Aesthetics?

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best lip filler courses uk. In our lip augmentation masterclass, you’ll learn all about the lip filler market, anatomy, the theory behind lip filler, a variety of techniques and how to deal with complications and aftercare from experienced and skilled professionals with a wealth of aesthetics knowledge.

You’ll also benefit from regular industry updates from us, a discussion forum to get guidance from your peers and continued mentoring from senior aesthetic practitioners as often as you need. You’ll also receive a guide book, consent form templates, template patient information leaflets and ongoing support from industry leaders.

We also offer our courses at different locations around the country so that no matter where you’re based, you can benefit from the best aesthetics training, delivered by skilled and knowledgeable aesthetics expert trainers.

If you’re a doctor, dentist or nurse looking for aesthetics training to drive the next steps of your career, choose Acquisition Aesthetics for market-leading aesthetics courses and some of the best lip filler courses UK. Take a look at our reviews from medical professionals – just like you – and our patients who have been part of our aesthetics training.

Find out more about our Combined Foundation Botulism Toxin and Dermal Fillers Course, or if you’re already an experienced aesthetics practitioner, our Lip Augmentation Masterclass.

Get in touch today or book an aesthetics course online!

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