How To Train as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner in the UK

Thousands of nurses in the UK have trained as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, but demand is still growing in this exciting, lucrative field of nursing. More and more clients book aesthetic treatments every day, which means the industry needs trained and experienced nurses just like you.

What Does Aesthetics Mean?

Aesthetic medicine focuses on changing the cosmetic appearance of the face and body. It includes surgical procedures (such as facelifts, liposuction and breast implants) and non-surgical procedures (such as Botox, fillers and chemical peels). It’s used to help people feel more confident, change their appearance or minimise certain things that they’re self-conscious about.

An aesthetics nurse is a qualified and registered nurse who has undertaken additional training in aesthetic medical treatments. They’re trained to administer treatments like Botox and dermal fillers as well as carry out other treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatments, IPL, skin resurfacing and microneedling.

A career as an Aesthetic Nurse can be rewarding, fulfilling and extremely satisfying. It’s an industry that can make a life-changing difference to confidence and wellbeing. Even better, it gives real results that are visible in a relatively short amount of time. You’re treating patients who are there by choice, and have sought out your services.

Can I Train In Aesthetics As a Nurse?

You definitely can train in aesthetics as a nurse! In fact, many aesthetics clients prefer to have a registered nurse carrying out their aesthetics treatments because of their medical training and experience. As a nurse, you’re familiar with human anatomy and medical treatments – essential when you’re administering medical treatments that can drastically change the way someone looks and feels.

It might be different from the types of treatment that you’re used to carrying out if you’re already working in the NHS, but the principles of nursing are the same in aesthetics. You’re administering treatments to improve the wellbeing of others.

To train in aesthetics as a nurse, you’ll need to ensure that you’re trained and registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). If you’re already working as a nurse, either privately or within the NHS, you’ll probably have this covered.

Bear in mind that if you’re not a nurse prescriber, and planning to be self-employed, then you’ll need to work with someone who can obtain prescription-only medicines that are used in aesthetics treatments. Or you can take on additional training to become a nurse-prescriber.

What Salary Does an Aesthetics Nurse Make in the UK?

For many nurses, choosing their career in nursing has been more of a vocation rather than a financially-motivated decision. The salary for an NHS Band 5 Nurse in the UK is £24,907 per year, minus tax and pensions, for full-time hours. This can also come with long shifts, anti-social hours and lots of patients to care for and manage.

The average salary for an Aesthetics Nurse in the UK is £35,000, rising to up to £45,000 per year for more experienced nurses. The other great thing about a career as an Aesthetics Nurse is that you can choose your hours, decide where you work and even choose to be self-employed if you would prefer. This can all make a difference when it comes to earnings, as well as improving work-life balance.

Where Can I Find Aesthetics Nurse jobs?

You can find Aesthetics Nurse jobs advertised online, through recruitment , Linkedin and individual clinic sites, or offline in specialist publications. There’s a wealth of Aesthetics Nurse Jobs out there, just waiting to be snapped up by trained, professional nurses.

Your professional network is also a great way to find out about Aesthetics Nurse jobs, including your training provider. Reputable training providers want you to succeed in your career and should offer you support, mentorship and advice on how to find your first Aesthetics Nurse job after you complete your training.

Where Can I Attend an Aesthetics Nurse Course?

There are lots of different providers out there, but not all of them will give you the same in-depth knowledge and experience, which is essential when you’re starting out. Take the time to do your research to find your most reputable trainer.

You need to choose a training provider who will ensure that you have the full range of skills you need to become a successful Aesthetics Nurse. You need to have a strong understanding of the cosmetic and aesthetics industry, as well as knowing about facial anatomy, pharmacology, indications and contraindications. Your training should also cover how to administer, handle and advise on a range of different aesthetics treatments – including aftercare, complications and safety.

A course that covers the business skills and networking that you need to succeed in an aesthetics clinic is an essential too, particularly if you’re planning on becoming self-employed or setting up your own practice.

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we offer foundation aesthetics courses all over the country, including London, Manchester and Newcastle. You can choose to specialise in one area of aesthetics, or we can provide you with a comprehensive joint course that will give you the fundamentals for a successful career in the aesthetics industry. 

You’ll be trained by experts in the fields of plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dermatology and aesthetics to ensure that you benefit from the expertise and skills for a successful career. This is a really essential part of your training and can make a huge different to your skills and practice.

We even offer mentoring sessions, as well as the opportunity to undertake advanced training with our Level 7 Diploma in Injectable Aesthetic Medicine. Investing in the right training to help you succeed is essential, especially in a competitive industry as aesthetics – you need to give yourself the edge to stand above the competition.

Another reason to train with Acquisition Aesthetics is our recent nomination for ‘Best Independent Training Provider of the Year’ award at the recent Aesthetics AwardsFind out more about our aesthetics training for nurse practitioners and take your first steps into a rewarding and lucrative career as an Aesthetics Nurse.


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