When it comes to facial aesthetics, it’s no secret that the industry is booming. The UK non-surgical cosmetic market is currently estimated to be worth £2.75bn and is expected to continue rising, year on year. Lip augmentation procedures are truly the ‘it’ treatment, especially within the millennial market. Ever-increasing numbers of patients are favouring this particular enhancement whether for subtle hydration and enhanced definition, or dramatic volumisation and pout transformation.

Pucker Up

Lip Filler procedures were first conducted in the 19th Century and have been a staple of the non-surgical cosmetic industry ever since. Thankfully, the science, technique, and regulations of the 19th Century have evolved over the years! Liquid paraffin, silicone, and even beef collagen have had their time in the needle with varying degrees of failure – some catastrophic. Today, lips are treated with hyaluronic acid-based products which are naturally broken down by the body over time. This makes the treatments on offer today the safest and of the most sophisticated composition to date.

Celebrity Endorsement

Whilst Lip Fillers have been popular ever since their invention, celebrity endorsement has had a huge impact on the rise in popularity of this procedure in more recent years; with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Megan Barton Hanson showcasing beautifully plumped pouts. The public often emulate the appearances of those in the media and there is no doubt that Lip Filler treatments have turned into a beauty trend of this decade – with a 70% rise in enquiries for this treatment within 24 hours of Kylie reporting she had them in 2015. ‘Love Island’ packages are now frequently available for patients, designed to help them achieve a look similar to their reality TV star idols, and the overall patient demographic is expanding to encompass both younger and older patients than have typically been seen in previous times.
Know Your Audience

Social media never sleeps and this has, of course, contributed to the exponential acceleration of this market. The public have limitless access to posts from clinics and practitioners from across the globe sharing their procedures and results; as well as those from patients.  A hashtag starting ‘#lipfillers’ currently produces just shy of 138,000 posts on Instagram, the social media platform of choice. As an additional positive result of this wealth of instantly available information, the public have become a much more discerning crowd and can spot a ‘done’ lip in a heartbeat. Gone are the days of the infamous ‘trout pout’ being an acceptable treatment outcome; patients expect professional, confident execution of their chosen procedure and commonly desire much more natural results.
Know Your Technique

The high expectations of your potential patients is just one of the key reasons it is so important to be fully competent in Lip Augmentation before undertaking this procedure. Whilst it is now a very affordable and accessible treatment; it is a complex procedure, requiring a well developed aesthetic eye, and confidence in a number of key injection techniques. It is vital that aesthetic practitioners are able to conduct a focused patient consultation, and that they feel able to effectively deliver the treatment to produce the bespoke results expected from each procedure.
Perfect Your Execution

The Acquisition Aesthetics Lip Augmentation Masterclass will give delegates access to our signature lip technique; allowing injectors to acquire the secrets to natural-looking volume, beautiful definition, and how to achieve a soft and hydrated finish. They’ll learn how to create beautiful lips that work in harmony with the rest of the face – one of the keys to enhancing overall attractiveness. Our exclusive signature technique combines careful product selection with the layering of a number of advanced injection techniques; whilst tailoring injections to suit the unique needs of each client.
Embed Your Knowledge

We will teach you how to define the vermillion border, enhance the cupid’s bow, and assess the exact product volume needed for a perfect result. You will learn detailed lip anatomy, as well as the academics of lip augmentation; the ‘golden ratio’ and variations to consider relating to age, gender, and ethnicity. We also cover complications avoidance and management, such as bruising and necrosis; as well as guidance on the use of Hyalase.
Train With Us

Our Lip Augmentation Masterclass is a focused training experience designed to empower you to devise unique treatment plans and deliver beautiful customised outcomes to suit each individual. If you want to perfect your technique for beautiful results, we would be delighted to help you hone your craft.

To find out more information or to book a space on our Lip Augmentation Masterclass, please email or call 020 3389 5611. You can also visit our website