The Changing Face of Aesthetics

Most aesthetic treatments have long held their own in the industry, requested for decades and enjoying long-term popularity as well as significant peaks following media buzz or celebrity news. As we previously reported, despite the unavoidable plummet in face-to-face aesthetic appointments and treatment administration during recent events, the demand for non-surgical aesthetics has remained. Good news for aestheticians! With the current pandemic still plaguing all corners of the globe, and a national lockdown currently in place in the UK – none of us are currently able to practice.


Hopefully, if you have been keeping your ear to the ground and following the trends of businesses that have continued to flourish during COVID 19 – you will have learnt that the key during this difficult time has been to pivot. Pivot your business and your offering, mainly by providing appointments, consultations, and valuable resources online – ensuring customer retention and continued acquisition. We’re now approaching the end of the first month of 2021, and whilst we will all cross our fingers for the freedom to reopen safely in the near future, it would serve you well to maintain your newly found or boosted online presence to optimise your exposure to potential patients. Those aged between 25 and 35 form your key demographic – and are also very active online and on social platforms. These millennial clients have already changed the aesthetic landscape with their approach to treatments.

Millenial power

From ‘tweakments’ and fillers, to medical-grade skincare and IV vitamin drips, nothing is off-limits and there is a refreshingly open outlook to desiring and undertaking these treatments. Previous generations were more likely to disappear for a few days on a ‘business trip’ and come back with an altered appearance that they would never discuss, and the suspicion that someone had ‘had work done’ was a phrase uttered in hushed, derisive tones. Conversely, Millennials are embracing their comparative social freedom and relishing the access they have to a wealth of aestheticians – all of whom they know how to thoroughly research (i.e. – Google, follow, and befriend) online.

What’s hot?

Of all the treatments available – there are a few distinctly popular choices that this demographic come back to again and again: Botox, Lip Fillers, Tear Trough Fillers and Specialist Skincare. When performed correctly by an experienced aesthetician, these treatments can offer a subtle enhancement to the patient’s natural features and boost symmetry, perception of attractiveness, and ultimately patient confidence.

To ensure you are able to meet patient demand, it is worth assessing your offering and deciding which aspects of your clinical portfolio can be refreshed or bolstered. Tear Trough Treatment, for example, is incredibly popular with patients due to its brilliant results and minimal downtime but can be catastrophic if undertaken by inexperienced hands. Considered one of the most complex and high-risk treatments due to proximity to the eye and several facial nerves, this procedure should be carried out by a confident practitioner well versed in periocular anatomy. This will ensure a safe, natural, and beautiful result.

Book a Tear Trough Masterclass with Acquisition Aesthetics

Our Tear Trough Masterclass is a 1 day, intensive deep-dive into the anatomy, diagnosis, causes, associated risks, and treatment of tear troughs. This bespoke Masterclass provides hands-on injecting practice on live models, and with only 8 spaces per session, a close degree of supervision is ensured throughout by our team of expert trainers.

Upcoming dates:

Sunday 7th March 2021 – London

Saturday 24th April 2021 – London

Saturday 1st May 2021 – Newcastle

Sunday 18th July 2021 – Newcastle

Similarly, specialist skincare is becoming more and more popular as patients gravitate towards a holistic approach to maintaining their appearance and wellbeing. Medical-grade skincare such as chemical peels, laser treatments, and prescription products work beautifully alongside non-surgical aesthetic treatments to boost results and enhance patient satisfaction. Not to mention that the more aesthetic requirements you can competently meet per patient, the more lucrative each session becomes!

Book an Advanced Skin Course with Acquisition Aesthetics

Our one-of-a-kind Advanced Skin Course is provided in collaboration with industry giant AlumierMD, and led by Dr Bibi Ghalaie. You will receive comprehensive training in medical-grade skincare and chemical peels combined with gold standard teaching methods in aesthetic medicine. Scientifically proven skincare sciences form the bedrock of this bespoke course, providing you with robust training on how to incorporate medical-grade skincare into your treatment plans and produce full, holistically achieved outcomes for your patients.

With a fully comprehensive overview of the AlumierMD treatment portfolio, including the renowned Alumier MD Glow Peel, you will come away an expert in the delivery of this premium product range.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 13th March 2021 – London

If you’d like to book one of our courses or find out more about Acquisition Aesthetics, call our friendly team on 020 3514 8757 or email

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