The Benefits of Keeping Up with CPD Essential Learning

Dr Lara Watson and Dr Priyanka, directors of Acquisition Aesthetics, highlight the significant impact that CPD accredited learning has on businesses within the healthcare industry.

CPD is a fundamental aspect of essential learning, arming professionals with the necessary tools to progress consistently within their field. Through a carefully constructed blend of approaches, techniques and ideas, this integral process encourages proactivity and continuous growth, allowing us to take charge of our aspirations and career progression.

Covid has had a monumental effect on the ways we’re able to practice, communicate and study — which means that digital learning resources are more valuable than ever. Online platforms are a must for facilitating growth and allowing training and lectures to occur whilst eliminating the need to attend a physical destination.

Health professionals within the aesthetics industry have forged an early commitment to lifelong learning. Not only is CPD viewed as a mandatory requirement for career advancement, but patients expect a distinguished level of competence and expertise from their provider. Continued learning plays a critical role in every aspect of a successful career in aesthetics.

There are a plethora of benefits on offer for aestheticians who choose to seek CPD accredited training, supporting progression and allowing us to reach and surpass our professional goals:

Annual appraisal 

Since CPD activities must be disclosed and discussed at each annual appraisal, a proven record of key learning and skill-building displays commitment to the profession, an active initiative to expand on existing knowledge and the desire to achieve an optimal level of expertise.

Verified training materials 

When you partake in an accredited essential learning programme, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the training has reached the required CPD standards and benchmarks. Not only does this guarantee you a high-quality level of continued education, but it also provides you with a competitive edge over your peer, which will be hugely beneficial both for seeking clinic positions and acquiring and retaining clients.

Up-to-date CPD learning

In an industry that is constantly expanding, it’s critical to maintain current skills and knowledge that enable you to treat clients as safely and effectively as possible. CPD learning ensures that you remain well-versed in your speciality and allows you to maintain consistently excellent standards within your clinic.

Enhanced patient results and safety

Further training and development will furnish you with the skills and confidence to use best practices to administer procedures safely and effectively, boosting results for your clients and ensuring that their needs are consistently met. You’ll also be better equipped to deal with any complications that arise during or after treatment. Furthermore, effective CPD allows professionals to perform at their maximum capacity and thus increases the safety of patients within the clinic and the efficacy of treatments provided.

Bibi Ghalaie, medical doctor and senior clinical lecturer and trainer at Acquisition Aesthetics, knows the value of professional development all too well. She notes,

“In any clinical healthcare setting, progression of knowledge, maintaining competence and prioritising patient safety are paramount to success. CPD empowers the clinician to stay at the top of their game in each of these facets. Whether this comes in the form of bitesize nuggets of online learning modules or attending an international conference, or practising clinical procedures in a controlled and mentored environment, these are the steps needed to pave the way forward. It is so important to be able to demonstrate evidence of our learning. Acquisition Aesthetics clinical courses and Level 7 Diploma offers the perfect solution for CPD accredited learning that will help achieve natural, safe, beautiful results.”

Acquisition Aesthetics offers gold-standard training in injectable medicine, ranging from Foundation level courses to the renowned Level 7 qualification — the recognised benchmark for training in aesthetic medicine. 

Our faculty is fully dedicated to making continued learning and development  accessible for all. While all of the courses we provide are CPD accredited, we also provide comprehensive digital materials and resources for each of our programmes, allowing our delegates to safely and effectively complete each aspect of our courses. If you’re interested in obtaining further information about the training we offer, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 0203 514 8757 or email to speak to a member of the team.

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