Clinic Price For Treatment £380+
Acquisition Aesthetics Model Patient Price £100

Treatment Description

  1. Over time, the face develops wrinkles through the repeated use of facial muscles and a loss of skin elasticity. This process can be accelerated in some people through the stresses of hard work or a busy lifestyle.

Anti-wrinkle injections Botulinum Toxin (sometimes known as Botox®) can be delivered to the area's most commonly affected these dynamic facial wrinkles which include the brow region (between the eyebrows), the forehead (worry lines) and the crow's feet area (laughter lines).

These injections work to relax the muscles of the face, reduce and soften wrinkles and create a more youthful look. Anti-wrinkle injections also act to prevent the development or progression of these wrinkles.

Treatment Benefits

Free aesthetic consultation included

Back to work immediately

Aftercare/follow-up available

Anaesthetic provided (optional)

Results seen within 14 days

Results last for 3-6 months

Please note that the cost of this treatment is £100 for all three upper face areas (brow region, forehead and crow's feet).

What Our Models Say


I was a model patient today and I can't thank the team enough. I am always made to feel at ease. My results are fantastic.




Totally pleased with the treatment and the results. Will recommend it to anyone and I will be back.