What Is Baby Botulinum Toxin?

We know what you may be thinking, but don’t worry… baby Botulinum Toxin (sometimes known as Botox®) isn’t a new treatment for little ones! It’s one of 2018’s biggest trends in injectables and something that you have to know about if you’re an aspiring or current aesthetic practitioner.

What Is Baby Botulinum Toxin?

Hailed by some as the new go-to treatment for celebrities in Hollywood and beyond, baby Botulinum Toxin is a treatment that uses a lower dose of Botulinum Toxin compared to traditional treatments. In addition to a smaller dose of toxin being administered, longer gaps are also left between the treatments. This results in a more subtle appearance with more movement in the face compared to the results of traditional Botulinum Toxin treatments, which can be deemed by some as looking ‘frozen’ and unnatural.

Baby Botulinum Toxin can also be used as something of a preventative treatment, by augmenting and reducing the movement of the facial muscles and preventing wrinkles before they form.

How Does Baby Botulinum Toxin Treatment Work?

Baby Botulinum Toxin treatment uses super targeted micro-injections to deliver a more tailored look that refreshes the appearance and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The smaller, targeted doses allow for subtle changes to be made without a dramatic change to the appearance. The treatment can also be used in areas like the crow’s feet, which is considered a more delicate area compared to the forehead.

It’s important to note that the stereotypical ‘frozen’ look of Botulinum Toxin is not actually caused by the product itself, but by inappropriate technique or dosing. Although some people may desire results which mean that they have very limited movement in their face, an untrained practitioner will not be able to offer tailored treatments for each client.

Baby Botulinum Toxin requires a skilled practitioner who knows how to personalise treatments for their clients, creating unique results for each of them. It may also be the case that a combination of baby Botulinum Toxin and traditional Botulinum Toxin injections are required to produce optimum results - for example, baby Botulinum Toxin is not suitable for deeper lines and wrinkles.

How Long Does Baby Botulinum Toxin Last?

Unlike traditional Botulinum Toxin which lasts between 4-6 months, baby Botulinum Toxin lasts for approximately 3 months indicating the need for an increased frequency of appointments for consistent desirable results. With a slightly reduced longevity, baby Botulinum Toxin can be advocated in Botulinum Toxin naive clients who may be keen to test the results without  the longer term commitment.

Is Baby Botulinum Toxin Actually All It Seems?

In principle, baby Botulinum Toxin seems like a great treatment for those who want a refreshed appearance and to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles slightly, without commiting to a fully ‘Botulinum Toxin-ed’ look. However, is the treatment actually just another clever (and perhaps misleading) marketing tactic?

Clinics offering the ‘Kylie Jenner lip package’ or ‘Kim Kardashian liquid facelift’ may be able to satisfy certain client expectations and definitely respond to a market demand but it could be argued that the terminology makes false promises, exploits a social media obsession and glamorises treatments which should be undertaken with only a rational and considered perspective.

In comparison, the use of the word ‘baby’ (or ‘mini’), may make Botulinum Toxin seem less intimidating, especially to those who already have reservations about having treatment in the first place. Whether this clever labeling has any sort of coercive impact is yet to be proven. Any responsible injector would agree, however, that all clients choosing to receive any sort of Botulinum Toxin treatment (including baby Botulinum Toxin) should be fully aware and accepting of the associated risks and complications as part of the vital informed consenting process.

Interested in Receiving Baby Botulinum Toxin Treatment?

If you are interested in receiving baby Botulinum Toxin treatment then always ensure that you thoroughly research any aesthetic practitioner or clinic that you’re considering receiving treatment from. Ask to see some of their results to set your expectations and enquire about their prices. Generally speaking, baby Botulinum Toxin should cost less overall because less toxin is used compared to traditional treatments. Any good practitioner will be able to tailor their results to each of their clients, so always be wary if they’re charging more for baby Botulinum Toxin because it’s more a ‘bespoke treatment’.

The Bottom Line on Baby Botulinum Toxin

Baby Botulinum Toxin is an up and coming treatment which is ideal for individuals who want to refresh their appearance and receive more natural results than those offered by traditional Botulinum Toxin treatments. However, in order to gain satisfactory results, it’s important to receive treatment from a skilled practitioner.

As a practitioner offering baby Botulinum Toxin treatment, you should always make sure that clients have realistic expectations of results and be fully aware of the potential risks and complications associated with treatment. You should also ensure that they have not been persuaded by misleading marketing tactics which may have underplayed the seriousness of cosmetic injectables to a point that encourages uninformed choices and jeopardises the trusting client:practitioner relationship.