Why You Should Offer Botulinum Toxin and Fillers in Your Dental Practice

Across the country, an increasing number of dental practices are offering Botulinum Toxin (sometimes known as Botox®) and filler treatments alongside their traditional services. Dentists are doubling their salaries and more by branching out into aesthetic procedures, as well as discovering that it is a thoroughly rewarding area of medicine to practice in.

Already possessing many of the key skills required to be an excellent aesthetic practitioner, dentists represent one of the best suited classes of healthcare professionals to train in Botulinum Toxin and fillers. As a dental professional, once you have completed any of our gold-standard training courses you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to begin performing Botulinum Toxin and filler treatments in your dental practice.

Why Dentists Make Excellent Facial Aesthetic Practitioners

One of the key attributes required to be a truly skilled aesthetic professional is a good knowledge of facial anatomy. Dentists are already equipped with this understanding as a result of their dental training and experience.In terms of technique, dentists often excel above and beyond other healthcare professionals, with familiarity and confidence in operating in / around the face and high levels of dexterity when performing treatments.

A dental practice is an ideal environment for aesthetic treatments to be performed; it is an appropriate clinical setting and importantly, a setting which patients trust. An existing dental practice will also have a base of ready-made potential clients which the treatments may be offered to. Many people visit the dentist to improve their general appearance and well as their oral health, so it is a natural fit that cosmetic treatments such as Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers are also be available in the dentist’s chair.

Best Young Dentist 2016’ winner and Acquisition Aesthetics’ trainer, Dr Rhona Eskander, highlights this: “Clients today are seeking out dentists who can not only restore the functionality and cosmesis of the teeth but can integrate treatments of the soft tissues (cosmetic injectables) to provide holistic care plans, which can transform faces and change lives.”

Offering Botulinum Toxin and filler treatments alongside traditional and cosmetic dental procedures allows dentists to treat a wider range of issues and offers clients the ability to undergo full facial rejuvenation. Alongside the more common treatments such as lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, there are also treatments which are intimately connected with the oral area which can be offered to complement and improve the aesthetic result of dental work as well as improving the patient’s overall well being. Jawline contouring with dermal fillers can be used to disguise Class II skeletal patterns whilst Botulinum Toxin injections can correct a ‘gummy smile’ and narrow a jaw affected by masseteric hypertrophy. Botulinum Toxin injections can also be used in the effective treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

How Botulinum Toxin and Filler Treatments Can Significantly Increase Your Dentist’s Salary

Offering aesthetic treatments as a dentist can boost your income significantly. The hourly rate for a highly qualified injectables  is significantly higher than the average hourly rate for an NHS dentist. With relatively low raw material costs, offering Botulinum Toxin and dermal filler treatments can generate a very healthy boost to your existing salary.

Many dentists who have trained in facial injectables have gone on to open their own facial aesthetics clinics. If you are operating full time in this area, the income potential is massive but you could expect to be earning upwards of £100,000.

How To Start Offering Cosmetic Injectables in Your Dental Practice

The first and most important step in beginning your aesthetics career is completing a reputable and certified training course.

Our Combined Foundation Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers Course will teach you how to perform basic treatments, including upper face Botulinum Toxin, nasolabial fold and marionette line fillers, and lip enhancement. This foundation course will equip you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need in order to start performing aesthetic medicine.

Taking our Advanced Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers Course will allow you to offer a much greater range of treatments to clients such as gummy smile correction, jawline contouring and chin augmentation. Being able to offer more advanced treatments will further increase your earning potential and your reputation within the field.

The Level 7 Certificate in Injectables and Aesthetic Medicine Course represents the gold-standard of aesthetics training and ensures you are able to meet Health Education England’s 2016 Qualification Requirements for Delivery of Cosmetic Procedures in Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers procedures.

All of our courses are fully CPD certified and come highly recommended by previous dental delegates.

Once you have completed your training, you will also need to take out the appropriate insurance and source your products. Our courses provide expert guidance on these practical considerations and grants you access to our exclusive graduates group where you can seek advice and share information with fellow practitioners.

To learn more about a dentist's personal experience in becoming a facial aesthetics practitioner, read our Q & A with Dentist Elle Reid.

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