Aesthetics Training for Nurses: Our 5 Top Tips

Are you a qualified nurse looking for a fresh career opportunity? Whether you’re feeling frustrated by the pressures and demands of public healthcare or simply in search of a new challenge, aesthetic medicine is an attractive option for all medical professionals, with a plethora of perks that will benefit both your professional and personal life.

There are a wide variety of options courses available for nurses. Still, it’s essential to do your research and construct a plan to ensure that you make the best decisions and gain the appropriate skills and experience necessary to forge a successful career in the industry. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve put together 5 top tips and the steps to follow to make your aesthetics dream a reality. Plus, we’ll explain in further detail some of the significant benefits of a career in aesthetics, as well as the best place to book aesthetics training for nurses.

Why train as an aesthetic nurse?

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career that provides you with the opportunity to make a real difference in your patients’ lives. Still, the everyday pressures of working long shifts on a ward can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure, and the increasing strain on the NHS means it can be frustrating to have to allocate short time slots to each patient. Aesthetics training can offer an alternative option that is equal parts rewarding and challenging in an industry growing at extraordinary rates. Some of the biggest perks of aesthetics include the high salary opportunities, extensive practitioner-patient time, increased work-life balance and lower levels of stress compared to a public-sector role.

How to become an aesthetic nurse

Make sure you’re registered

Although you are likely NMC registered, this first step is important to note for those who are recently qualified or have recently made a move to the UK. If you’re interested in undertaking accredited dermal filler and botox® training from a reputable provider, you won’t be eligible to apply unless you can provide proof of registration. So, if you’ve recently qualified and are still awaiting confirmation from the NMC, you should wait until this has come through before applying. Similarly, if you’ve trained out with the UK but are interested in practising here, you’ll need to follow the necessary steps on the NMC website to join the practice.

Find an accredited training provider

A critical step in the process, it is paramount to find a training provider that has demonstrated expertise in the field and an exemplary reputation for providing first-rate aesthetics training for nurses. Some of the qualities you should look for in a provider include:

Theoretical and practical components – While a comprehensive theory and assessment element is undoubtedly essential for every aesthetics course, it’s also vital to look for a provider that offers extensive practical training with guidance and supervision from a faculty of experts. If in doubt, ask for details of the qualifications of the aestheticians who will be providing your practical training and what type of hands-on experience you’ll undergo during your course. With the theory element, it might also be helpful if the academy offers online aesthetics course materials, to allow for a seamless process and the ability to learn and progress without the constant need for travel.

CPD-accredited – Ensure that courses offered adhere to the latest HEE and GMC guidelines to ensure that they are recognised and trusted as reputable providers within the industry.

Successful graduates – Look out for or request testimonials from previous delegates to get an indication of what you can expect from the course and the level of success you can expect to achieve upon completion.

Choose a suitable course

Depending on your existing qualifications and any background you may have within aesthetics, you should select an appropriate course for your needs and career goals. You should also consider elements such as the cost, length of time the course takes to complete and the types of aesthetics jobs you’ll be eligible to apply for after you’ve qualified. As standard, your training provider should be able to provide you with a list of recommended courses for your background, skills and expertise.

Gain experience

As mentioned, you should seek aesthetics training for nurses that offers thorough practical experience, with the opportunity to observe and administer treatments on live models. It’s vital that this process is overseen by a highly-qualified aesthetics professional and that you gain feedback and guidance on each procedure you undertake. This practical experience will be extremely valuable when seeking a position within a clinic, as you’ll be able to demonstrate proof of your experiences and abilities.

Determine your schedule

Before you dive into aesthetic medicine training, it’s important to consider your goals for the future and whether you wish to commit to a full-time career as an aesthetics practitioner or would instead work alongside your current nursing role. The best strategy for success is to make a clear plan and ensure that you can dedicate the necessary time and energy to each aspect of your career.

Training with Acquisition Aesthetics

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we provide gold-standard training for nurses in injectable procedures and are proud to be the ‘Independent Training Provider Of The Year’ for 2021. Our commitment to excellence can be observed from the scientific understanding and technical skills of our expert faculty.

Our aesthetics training for nurse practitioners provides our delegates with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently and successfully provide treatments in botox® and dermal fillers. If you’re interested in finding out more about the courses we provide for nurses, give us a call on 0203 514 8757 or email us at to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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