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If you are enrolled onto a Level 7 Diploma in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine – either ours or another provider’s – then join us for one of our mentoring sessions. You will be able to acquire up to 10 observed, supervised performed, or a combination of both, procedures during the day. To complete your Level 7 Diploma, you must purchase 4 stage III mentoring sessions if you are paying for your Level 7 Diploma in stages. If you pay for your Level 7 Diploma in full, 4 mentoring sessions will be included and if you require additional mentoring sessions, then please contact us for further assistance.


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We are fully Level 7 accredited and have all that you will require to have your procedures signed off by our Level 7 Mentors. If you are attending as one of our Level 7 Diploma candidates, then you are asked to please bring your candidate portfolio with you. If you are attending our session externally (and you are completing your Level 7 Diploma with another provider) then please make sure you bring all of the relevant paperwork with you.

Our faculty of experts will explain all of the treatment regimes and you will be able to learn throughout the client journey – from the aesthetic consultation and consenting the aesthetic client to treatment and aftercare advice. You will require 4 mentoring sessions to complete your Level 7 Diploma with Acquisition Aesthetics.

LondonSaturday 25th November 2023£640.00 +VAT

Fully Booked

NewcastleSaturday 25th November 2023£640.00 +VAT

Fully Booked

LondonSaturday 13th January 2024£640.00 +VAT

Fully Booked

LondonSaturday 3rd February 2024£640.00 +VAT

Only 3 Spaces Left

LondonSaturday 24th February 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 2nd March 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 6th April 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

NewcastleSaturday 6th April 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 20th April 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 11th May 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 18th May 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available

LondonSaturday 1st June 2024£640.00 +VAT

Spaces Available


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