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Course Introduction

Acquisition Aesthetics is proud to offer the esteemed Level 7 aesthetics Diploma. Our Level 7 Course in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies is through the awarding body OTHM Qualifications. Our Botox® and fillers Level 7 Course allows both current and aspiring practitioners to meet Health Education England’s 2016 qualification requirements. This is for the expert delivery of cosmetic procedures in botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures.

We provide aesthetic training including our Level 7 course in London, Manchester and Newcastle. Get In touch today for more information on our Botox® courses, filler courses and lip filler training courses.


  • A valid registration with the GMC/GDC/NMC/GPhC or international equivalent.

  • English as a first language, or English Language Testing System (IELTS) score 7.0 in all components.

  • International students may be accepted if an equivalent level of education can be demonstrated – please contact us for further details.


• E-Learning Hours150 Hours
• Foundation TrainingTheory and practical training day covering foundation techniques of dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin
• Advanced TrainingTheory and practical training day covering advanced techniques of dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin
• MentoringSupervised practical training sessions to achieve 40 observed & performed procedures (20 in Botulinum toxin & 20 in dermal fillers)
• AssessmentSAQ Coursework, DOPS, Critical literature review, Essays
• Credits at Level 760 (Diploma)


We will not be able to offer our level 7 to you as you do not meet our minimum requirements
Please have a look at our Level 7 options. You should be considering one of the following:
Level 7 Diploma »
Enhanced Level 7 Diploma »
You might be suitable to apply through RPL and therefore may not have to complete all of the stages to get your L7 Diploma
Dependent on the evidence and documentation you have you my be suitable to apply for your Level 7 qualification through our recognition of prior learning (RPL) route. You therefore may not have to complete all of the stages to get your Level 7 Diploma. Please click here to enquire.


Click on each of the elements of our infographic to learn more about each section of our Level 7 diploma.

E-Learning ModulesOur Foundation CourseOur Advanced CourseSAQs & CourseworkMasterclassesDOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills)Procedural LogbookCritical AppraisalCase studyEssays

E-Learning Modules

Extensive library of online learning materials baes upon key learning components highlighted by Health Education England (HEE) comprising lectures, literature papers, current evidence, guidelines and forums.

Theoretical learning and training videos relevant to the learning objectives of the course, including references to other literature and case studies. Material designed and written exclusively by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Consultant Dermatologists and Dental Surgeons. Accessible remotely through our website using login credentials provided upon enrolment. Full completion of this E-Learning library is required to facilitate the Coursework and Critical Appraisal components of the qualification.

Our Foundation Course

This CPD-certified cosmetic course* will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform foundation aesthetic procedures safely, effectively and with confidence.


Our Advanced Course

By far our most popular cosmetic course, this CPD-certified programme* will allow you to build on your foundation knowledge and skills to become proficient in advanced aesthetic techniques.


SAQs & Coursework

Fully referenced short essays and coursework required based on the e-learning modules to demonstrate theoretical competencies. Extended list of resources and literature provided.

DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills)

Supervised learning and assessment of procedural skills to be completed and undertaken on mentoring sessions.

Procedural Logbook

Logbook facility to record all 40 procedures (20 observed and 20 performed) in toxin and dermal filler modalities. 40 procedures to be obtained on mentoring sessions with expert supervision in small practical training groups.

Critical Appraisal

Candidates must undertake a critical appraisal of a published paper in aesthetic medicine (specifics provided by training provider).

Case study

Candidates are required to submit a case study related to aesthetic practice.


Candidates are required to produce an essay on an allocated topic in aesthetic medicine. To be assigned by the training provider.




From £2495 + VAT

For experienced practitioners with documentation/records of previous training and procedures in toxin & dermal fillers.



£6995 + VAT

For those with no prior aesthetics experience – all components you will require to achieve your Level 7 Diploma.



£8295 + VAT

By far our most popular option; The Level 7 Diploma including all advanced training and masterclasses – saving you over £1000.





Dr. Bryony Elder

Bryony is a practicing dentist and graduated from Leeds University in 2013. Following this she spent a year in Hull Royal Infirmary working with facial trauma, defects and facial surgery in the maxillofacial department. Bryony then returned to the N …

Dr Anika Parmar

Dr Anika Parmar qualified as a dentist in 2020 from Kings College London after achieving an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2013 from Queen Mary University. She is currently working in a private and NHS dental practice in Buckinghamshi …

Dr. Jenna Angle

Jenna has a keen interest in facial aesthetics and has been working with Acquisition Aesthetics as a coordinator, and for their ambassador and Level 7 programmes. She is looking forward to commencing the Level 7 diploma herself this year.  …

Shannon Donachie

Shannon has over 10 years’ experience of working in administration, coupled with her background in Disaster Management she strives to provide a smooth service for all of our delegates …


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The Level 7 diploma is a structured qualification for healthcare professionals trained in aesthetic injectable medicine. The diploma is approved by JCCP, the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners and is upon recommendation by Health Education England as the baseline qualification for all practitioners wanting to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine.

The Level 7 qualification sets you aside from other practitioners as an expert in Aesthetic Medicine, ensuring the highest standard of training, increased employability, confidence and competence from extensive hands-on practical training. Designed to meet and exceed any regulation changes in the industry, qualifying to Level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine will ensure you future-proof your career ensuring you will be compliant with the latest regulatory guidance and in line withGMC, GDC and NMC principles of practice.

Learners will gain a post-graduate level of understanding in a number of key areas within non-surgical aesthetics including facial anatomy, skin physiology, and dermatological indications/contraindications of treatment.

We are now proud to be offering a Level 7 Diploma. In order to do this we have had to change awarding body, bolster our learning materials, and meet stringent new criteria and specification. All learners signed up before June 2020 will be completing their certificate with the awarding body SFJ Awards, those enrolling after will be completing with the new awarding body OTHM Qualifications. We, as an educational academy, remain committed to providing our delegates with rigorous hand-on training to the highest educational standard.
Level 7 refers to a level of education equivalent to a master’s degree. A level 7 diploma is a globally-recognised qualification. It is a higherqualification, and worth more credits than a Certificate, but not a full master’s. It can be ‘topped-up’ to a full master’s degree.

The course does not follow the traditional academic calendar – instead it’s designed to be entirely flexible to work around you and your commitments, so you can enrol at any time! Along with this you can access the majority of the work remotely, at your own pace, and attend which course dates and locations suit you.

If you have previously trained with Acquisition Aesthetics, the cost of previous training can be redeemed from the total cost of your diploma.                                        

If you are an experienced practitioner (2 + years of injecting experience, demonstrate 20 performed procedures and 20 observed procedures in toxin and dermal fillers) you might be able to enrol onto our ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) diploma. Please contact one of our team members for more information regarding RPL.

Practical training days are based on full training days, supplemented by online learning materials and training videos. Mentoring sessions are mornings only. You choose which dates and locations suit you. The rest of the course comprises theoretical reading, training videos and coursework – this can all be completed at your own pace. As such the full qualification from start to finish is flexible but can be completed from around 9 to 24 months.

24 months, however if you require an extension, we have flexible options.

Registered healthcare professionals including Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Pharmacists.

You must be a healthcare professional, have valid and current registration pin and valid insurance (which can be obtained after completing the foundation course with Acquisition Aesthetics).

RPL will differ for each practitioner. If you are very experienced and can provide sufficient evidence of your previous cases, in addition to providing previous relevant CPD and training evidence you may very well be able to simply complete a few written assignments to prove your theoretical understanding. This will represent a significant saving of money and time in achieving your qualification.

Yes, just call one of our team members and they’ll explain how we can use your previous qualification to enrol you on the Level 7 with Acquisition Aesthetics.

If you have prior experience it may well be possible for you to complete the course in its entirety remotely. For this you will be consideringapplying for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – please see above. If you have no, or little prior aesthetics experience you will need to attend practical training days. The majority of the work involved for the course however can be accessed remotely.

RPL: Recognition of prior learning: to qualify for this route, you must have been practicing in aesthetic medicine and injectables for 2 years (with accompanying CPD) and demonstrate 20 performed and 20 observed procedures to an assessor. If you do not have all of these records but have been practicing in aesthetic medicine for the required minimum time, then please contact one of our team members as we might be able to facilitate enrolling you.

Standard: Includes the Foundation and Advanced courses with Acquisition Aesthetics, four mentoring sessions as well as the academic coursework, tutoring support and access to the graduate groups and Level 7 Diploma sessions (see below).

Enhanced, the most core effective option, including the Foundation and Advanced courses, four mentoring sessions as well as access to our tear trough, lip augmentation and complication masterclasses. You will also have full access to all protocols, graduate groups, Diploma sessions, newsletters and priorty access to conferences.

We have different levels of the Level 7 Diploma and can offer bespoke payment plans that suit your needs. Prices range from £2495 to £8295 (+ VAT).

We are happy to be entirely flexible with regards to payment options. You can by in up to 10 interest-free monthly instalments, in full, with a deposit up front or you can simply pay for each stage as and when you wish to attend it. You can see a breakdown of the prices for each stage on the infographic on this page.

When enrolled on the standard or the enhanced level 7, you have the option to pay per each stage of training. This could be paying for foundation training and then advanced. You will be granted access to the e-learning once this stage is paid for.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can either email us on level7@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk or have a read of the qualification on our website here.

Alternatively, we can send over our prospectus, which provides details on the Diploma, for you to have a read over.

We also hold open days around the Level 7- please ask one of our team for more information and come along to find out more and to see the Level 7 delegates in action!

To meet the practical training element of the course you must evidence 40 procedures in a portfolio. To do this you will attend 3-5 morning sessions, held at weekends. We set these sessions up for you entirely, including your patients, portfolio and products. We take care of everything beforehand, and everything after, including patient aftercare. You simply need to turn up, ready to inject under the close supervision of our expert trainers.

As long as you gain relevant medical malpractice insurance you may begin practicing on your own patients as soon as you have completed your Foundation training day

**You will only be able to practice the procedures for which you have completed training – for example after the Foundation trainingyou will gain competency in the Foundation procedures, following your Advanced training you will be able to independently practice the procedures covered on your advanced course.

Our level 7 trainers have to meet stringent criteria to train on the level 7 course days, you can view our esteemed faculty here. (link to level 7 trainers page)

The majority of the required work for the level 7 qualification can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. It is accessed remotely through our website, for which you will have login credentials. For practical training you will need to attend between some days in person (dependent on which Level 7 Package you choose). These days are entirely set up for you.

– E-Learning Hours:150 Hours
– Foundation Day:Observed and Supervised Practice Day – covering essential Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Techniques
– Advanced Day:Observed and Supervised Practice Day– covering advanced Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Techniques
– Mentorship Sessions:Observing and Performing Botulinum Toxin and DermalFillers
– Assessments:SAQs, DOPS, E-Learning, Critical Essays and Logbook Recording
– Credits at Level 7: 60 (Diploma)

The Level 7 Diploma is equivalent to 60 postgraduate credits.

You can contact our level 7 team directly at level7@acqusitionaesthetics.co.uk or give us a call on 020 3514 8757. One of our team will be able to talk you through the options and design a payment plan that is interest free and that works for you and your circumstances.

Yes, absolutely and this is the primary focus of the qualification.! The aim of the Level 7 Diploma is to enable learners/practitioners to provide the highest standards of patient and client care during all stages of delivering cosmetic/aesthetic injectable therapies. In recognition of this it is stipulated that the practitioner must demonstrate a good clinical base of injecting with a minimum of 40 procedures achieved. Acquisition  Aesthetics ensure that their delegates have access to mentoring days and all of their award winning courses (not including skin or NSR).

For the Standard and Enhanced Level 7, you must record 10 observed toxin treatments, 10 performed toxin treatments, 10 observed dermal filler treatments and 10 performed dermal filler treatments. All these treatments must be signed off by a Level 7 Trainer.

Yes, we encourage you to do this. Any experience with Acquisition Aesthetics can be assessed by a Level 7 registered trainer.

Yes, all models are provided for the training days. We record your treatment procedures as you progress through the level 7 and will focus our model allocations dependent on this.

In the Level 7 Mentoring sessions you will be placed in a small teaching group of no more than four. This is hugely beneficial as it has been shown that a great deal of learning happens passively and actively by being amongst other learners (up to a certain group size).

One of our experienced faculty members and trainers will supervise and mentor you through a range of procedures in toxin and fillers. The sessions will be structured so you can gain the observed and performed procedure numbers that are required for the level 7. All patients and products are sourced for you and the entire treatment process from information and consent to treatment and aftercare will be taught. The mentoring days usually last half a day and are carried out in our training facilities in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff and Glasgow.

We have a very experienced team of facial aesthetics trainers who are allocated for mentoring sessions. Generally, there will be different trainers depending on location of the course, however all trainers are registered Level 7 trainers.

For RPL, Standard and Enhanced the coursework remains the same. 

You will be provided with a bespoke This is broken down into 4 parts. E-learning via our bespoke e-learning platform which provides a wealth of knowledge and focused education on iInjectable treatments. There are 8 modules which follow the guidance laid out by Health Education England. 

Following the e-learning there are SAQ short answer questions which comprise your coursework. You will have support and guidance on how to complete these questions. In addition to the coursework answers, you will also be asked to provide a critical appraisal summary and case discussions- which your Level 7 tutor will facilitate.

Yes, we do. This is a fantastic option for you if you are wishing to have bespoke and individual training from one of our highly experienced trainers and if you would like to complete the Level 7 qualification in less time. These days take place in the selected training clinics and all models and products are provided for you. You can use all experience on this day to count towards your procedure record for your Level 7.

We have a custom-built E-learning platform that is highly interactive with all of the learning materials required. The platform is designed specifically for our Level 7 delegates to enhance their learning.

Short Answer Questions. There are 40 SAQs which require around 150 – 800 words each and these compromise your coursework.

Each Unit is focused on a different aspect of facial aesthetics: Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Dermatology for Aesthetic Injectable Therapies, Medical Assessment, Consultation and Image Recording, Clinical Health, Safety and Welfare, Aesthetic Injectable Therapies for Facial Treatments, Aesthetic Injectable Therapies for Non-Facial Treatments, Values, Ethics and Professionalism in Applied Cosmetic Aesthetic Practice

The coursework is assessed by an internal team of assessors and then an internal verifier checks this marking, this is then passed to the external verifier who provides the certificate for your diploma.


Get in touch

We would be happy to send you a copy of our prospectus and more information on the Level 7 Diploma.

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