Why the Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Diploma Course is Leading the Way in Aesthetic Education in London

Whether you’re already a London-based aesthetician or a qualified medical practitioner looking to enter the industry, your professional – and personal – advancement hinges on selecting the right training programme for you.

Not to toot our own horn, but there’s good reason why our Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Diploma is one of the leading aesthetic training courses in London, as well as the country – as demonstrated by us winning the Independent Training Academy Of The Year award at the prestigious Aesthetic Awards for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022)!

Our advanced aesthetic training programme has been created by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, and is the ultimate course for anyone seeking to gain the best, most respected aesthetic medicine qualification in the industry. London is the perfect place to develop your career in aesthetics, with 1,472 CQC registered aesthetics clinics located in London (according to Rare Consulting).

If you’re looking to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine and are based in London, then this is the blog – and course – for you…

Why Choose the Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Diploma? 

Our unique holistic approach to aesthetic medicine sets us apart from other accredited aesthetic courses in London – not only will candidates accomplish professional development in aesthetic injectables, but they will also develop a deep understanding of the theoretical foundation behind the practice. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the highest standards of hands-on training and world class education. 

The Level 7 Diploma is not just a credential; it’s a mark of distinction in the aesthetic medicine community. Among the countless Level 7 Diploma unique features is its ability to drastically enhance candidates’ skill sets, knowledge and confidence. The course adheres to the highest standards – not only is it awarded through OTHM Qualifications (who are JCC pre-approved), but it ensures practitioners meet Health Education England’s 2016 qualification requirements, as well as the highest level of patient care and safety.

In line with GMC, GDC and NMC principles of practice, the Level 7 Diploma equips members with a post-graduate level understanding in a variety of key areas of non-surgical aesthetics, such as facial anatomy, skin physiology, and contraindications of treatment – it’s the equivalent to 60 postgraduate credits!

From theoretical knowledge to practical skills, the diploma supports your professional development in aesthetic medicine as well as your personal development, competence, and confidence to practice. This will set you up for a thriving aesthetics career in London.

An Overview of the Course

The Level 7 Diploma opens many doors and opportunities for those seeking, or who already have, a career in aesthetic medicine. We have meticulously crafted the Level 7 Diploma to be the most competitive and comprehensive course, covering a breadth and depth of key topics. From the practical support of each candidate’s professional development in aesthetic injectables to ethical training and insights into patient psychology, Level 7 covers all of the bases. We continually stay updated with emerging research and trends to keep our curriculum up-to-date with the latest, and safest, techniques – ensuring that our candidates remain at the forefront of the field. The course has been specifically crafted to allow excellence in aesthetic education, it is split into 4 key components:

Practical portfolio

As part of the practical portfolio, candidates will undergo supervised learning and assessment of procedural skills during mentoring sessions. They’ll also have a logbook facility to record all 40 procedures (20 observed and 20 performed) in toxin and dermal filler modalities. There are 40 procedures to be obtained on mentoring sessions with expert supervision in small practical training groups.

Theoretical training

In this section, candidates will have access to E-learning modules that provide a comprehensive background into aesthetic medicine through lectures, literature papers, current evidence, guidelines and forums. Full completion of this E-Learning library is required to facilitate the Coursework and Critical Appraisal components of the qualification. It’s also required that candidates complete fully referenced short essays and coursework based on the e-learning modules to demonstrate their theoretical competencies. 

Practical training

As part of the practical training, students will experience mentoring days for hands-on injecting experience. This CPD-certified cosmetic course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to perform foundation aesthetic procedures safely, effectively, and with confidence. It is also optional to do additional courses such as the Advanced Course and Masterclass.

Academic portfolio

For the academic portfolio part of the diploma, candidates must submit coursework on an allocated topic in aesthetic medicine, as assigned by their training provider. They must also submit a case study related to aesthetic practice, and must undertake a critical appraisal of a published paper in aesthetic medicine. 

Support and Training During the Course

The Level 7 Diploma’s unique holistic approach to aesthetic medicine means candidates gain the highest standards in practical training and support – to equip them for a successful career. Through supervised hands-on sessions, live demonstrations, and case studies, students gain invaluable experience, as well as the competence and confidence to perform techniques on their own patients. Our training and support goes well beyond the course itself; our experienced faculty continues to offer guidance to students outside of the classroom and after the diploma has been completed.

The course is split into different sessions that cover a variety of observed and performed procedures, where we teach the entire treatment process, from information and consent to treatment and aftercare. In order to meet the practical training element of the course, students must evidence 40 procedures in a portfolio. This is facilitated through 3-5 morning sessions, held at weekends, where everything is set up for the students, including patients, portfolio, and products. We take care of all the arrangements beforehand and afterward, including patient aftercare. Students simply need to turn up, ready to inject under the close supervision of our expert trainers. We also offer one-to-one training from one of our highly experienced trainers for those looking to fast-track their completion of the qualification.

What Sets Our Course Apart

As we’ve discussed, the Level 7 Diploma sets itself apart from other accredited aesthetic courses by opening the door to career opportunities and an invaluable network of professionals in London who can mutually support each other whilst they are specialising in aesthetic medicine. From earning advanced positions in existing practices, providing the potential for higher income, or simply offering an entry point for registered healthcare professionals wanting to crack into aesthetic medicine –  it offers something to all aspiring (and seasoned) practitioners. 

Our exclusive training materials ensure our students are equipped with everything they need to succeed, whilst our ongoing support helps candidates to stay ahead in this competitive field. Through mentorship sessions, networking events, and online forums, students have the opportunity to connect with peers and mentors who share their passion for aesthetics, as well as establish greater visibility within the industry. Not only does the course provide knowledge, skills, and connections, it equips graduates with an inimitable confidence and competence – helping to position them as experts at the forefront of their field. 

Our focus on skill enhancement is directly correlated to increased patient satisfaction. We support and teach our graduates to master advanced aesthetic techniques and stay abreast of the latest developments to ensure that they have the cutting-edge knowledge and practice to achieve natural-looking results that exceed expectations. London is a thriving hub of aesthetics education in the UK and many key industry events, including FACE (Facial Aesthetic Conference Exhibition) which takes place between the 12th – 13th July this year, as well as Aesthetic Medicine Live, taking place from the 10th – 11th May.

How to Apply

Now we’ve explored the unique benefits of the course, you may be wondering how to get on the course. The good news is that applying to the Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Diploma programme is an easy and seamless process, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Acquisition Aesthetics website 
  2. Click on the Level 7 course tab 
  3. Pick one of the package options  
  4. Once a preferred package is selected, book your spot directly through the Acquisition Aesthetics website 
  5. Fill in your information and you’re done!

Alternatively, if you prefer a more personalised approach, our Level 7 team is available to provide assistance via email at level7@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk, by phone at 020 3514 8757 or by virtual consultation on Calendly. 

Don’t wait to advance your career in aesthetic medicine, open the door to a world of opportunities with the Level 7 Diploma. Find out how to join a community of esteemed aestheticians in London, and level up your practice with Level 7, contact us to start your journey towards professional excellence.  

Final thoughts…

There is no better way to set yourself up for a successful aesthetics career in London than our Level 7 Diploma. From improved technique to increased confidence and patient satisfaction, reap a host of benefits from the diploma that’s setting a whole new standard within the industry. 

We’ve developed a unique course that spans theoretical knowledge and practical application to support those wanting to excel in the industry. Not only will you gain the highest level of injectable therapies training, but your confidence, competence, and employability will skyrocket – paving the way for a successful career in aesthetic medicine.


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