JCCP certifies Acquisition Aesthetics as an Approved Education and Training Provider


Most certified and budding aestheticians will be all too familiar with the esteemed education and training provider, the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP.) Since it was established in 2018, the independent body has played a pivotal role in regulating non-surgical aesthetic procedures and setting evidence-based practice standards in the UK. 

The JCCP is not just a self-regulating body. It is also a registered UK charity and the blueprint of standards within non-surgical aesthetics and the hair restoration sector in the United Kingdom.

Achieving the JCCP certification requires observing stringent safety and practice rules and meeting the highest industry standards. 

We are delighted that Acquisition Aesthetics has been certified as an ‘Approved Education and Training Provider’ by the JCCP this month and remain committed to maintaining the highest standards in the field – today and always!

Read on to find out more about this incredible achievement and what it means for our practice…

Achievement and Celebration with JCCP Certification

Pride does not begin to cover how we feel about achieving this massive accomplishment. The entire Acquisition Aesthetics team – from the directors and trainers to all the many hard-working people behind the scenes – all played a huge role in making this incredible achievement happen.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our deepest gratitude to our team members, supporters, and delegates on the courses and all of the fantastic models who enable the training to happen.

If it wasn’t for all the time, dedication, commitment, and hard work that each individual has put in day in and day out, we would not have been able to meet the certification requirements – and achieve this amazing accolade!

Implications for Aesthetics Training:

Driven by patient safety with independence, inclusivity, ethical practice, fairness and sustainability at its core, the JCCP certification is a massive credit to any aesthetics training programme.
The JCCP operates a practitioner register which is formally accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, lending real credibility and gravitas to your organisation. It is an instant and recognisable marker of your programme adhering to and upholding the highest standards of education and training in the aesthetics industry – helping to earn the trust of enrolled and prospective students alike!

With thousands of training programmes to choose from across the UK, having the official stamp of approval from such an esteemed regulatory body is crucial for setting your offering apart. Not only does it reassure those interested/involved of the level of training and care, but also of its ethical practice and patient safety.

The JCCP Education and Training Provider Register has been established to:

  • Enable Education and Training Providers in aesthetics to demonstrate ‘best practice’ in education and training provision.
  • Identify courses, programmes and qualifications that have been accredited by recognised awarding bodies.
  • Enable practitioners to clearly evaluate the value and status of education and training programmes on offer.

Courses at Acquisition Aesthetics:

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we offer the very best of training courses available in the UK. With excellence and innovation at the forefront of all that we do, any aspiring or registered aesthetician can gain a wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, and training from any one of our courses. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert instructors to learn from, we are the go-to place for those looking to enhance their skill set, understanding, and practice.

In particular, our acclaimed Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies, will elevate the practice of any aesthetician, no matter their level.  This unique course adheres to the highest standards – not only is it awarded through OTHM Qualifications (who are JCC pre-approved), but it ensures both current and aspiring practitioners meet Health Education England’s 2016 qualification requirements, as well as the highest level of patient care and safety.

In line with GMC, GDC and NMC principles of practice, the Level 7 Diploma equips members with a post-graduate level understanding in a variety of key areas, such as facial anatomy, skin physiology, and contraindications of treatment – it’s the equivalent to 60 postgraduate credits!

Not only will you gain the highest level of botox and dermal fillers training, your competence, confidence, and employability will be greatly enhanced – further increasing the chances of a successful career in aesthetic medicine. The Level 7 Diploma is a recognised marker of experience, knowledge and adherence to the highest industry standards – helping to earn patient trust and distinguish your practice from the rest. Here’s how:


Skills that you learn throughout the Level 7 Diploma with Acquisition Aesthetics will set you up for your future career in Aesthetic Medicine. Developing foundation skills to advanced and masterclass level. In combination with your mentoring days your skills will be developed for a confident career in facial aesthetics.


Our unique E-Learning platform is designed with our Level 7 delegates in mind. This is not only to help guide you through your SAQs, but also to enhance your knowledge in all areas pertinent to Aesthetic Medicine.

Career Progression

Whether you are a single practitioner or working within a corporation, the Level 7 Diploma will help you stand out amongst other injectors. This will help develop a client base and also build employability.

Future Regulation

The JCCP and APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) held an enquiry into regulation within the Aesthetic Industry. One main factor of this inquiry was a call for tighter regulation for aesthetic practitioners. This encompasses the Level 7 Diploma as a benchmark for training for all Aesthetic Practitioners in the future.

Future Goals and Commitments:

We remain fully pledged to maintaining excellence in our aesthetics training – achieving the JCCP accreditation only motivates us further in our commitment to not just upholding but exceeding industry standards. 

Core to our values and key principles is the dedication to ongoing professional development – both within our team and the curriculum we offer. We remain at the forefront of industry advancements, continually updating and incorporating the latest information and innovations into our course to ensure that we stay ahead of the industry curve. 

If you, like us, strive to achieve excellence and the highest standards in aesthetics – join us on the exciting journey of learning and personal development, and come train with Acquisition Aesthetics!

Final thoughts…

We are so thrilled to now officially be a JCCP approved Education and Training Provider, and are excited for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Equipped with and motivated by this incredible accreditation, we remain more steadfast than ever in our commitment to upholding the highest standards in aesthetics training. For almost ten years, JCCP has played a pivotal role in regulating non-surgical aesthetic procedures and setting evidence-based practice standards in the UK – and it continues to set the standards in the industry. 

If you are as committed as we are to the pursuit of excellence in the aesthetics industry, Acquisition Aesthetics is the place for you. Simply select the course of your dreams and delve into a world of learning, expertise, and personal development!


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