The Ultimate Guide to Level 7 Aesthetics Training in London

The Ultimate Guide to Level 7 Aesthetics Training in London

Are you a London-based medical professional looking for a way to progress your way in the medical aesthetics industry? If so, it’s entirely important to qualify and train under professional and accredited courses. 

There has been a rise in complaints regarding issues relating to the injectable and aesthetic industry so this means that it has rarely been more important to take an accredited and reputable course. 

It is highly important that when building on medical skills and branching out into new fields, that you access advanced and accredited courses. Our courses lead up to our Level 7 diploma. The ones prior offer an excellent foundation in beginning your journey into aesthetic medicine. While our Level 7 is tailored to those who have already developed an understanding and professional experience in medicine. It is ideally placed to help you build a new and exciting time in your career,

London is the city to be in for aesthetic medicine

London is one of the most forefront cities in terms of aesthetic medicine. It has grown and grown as a profession. There has been a huge influx of NHS staff moving into the private aesthetic industry within the last year. So if you are looking to join it, it is extremely important to ensure you have the right qualifications that make you stand out from the crowd. Taking a course such as ours means that you will be joining a workforce with the right credentials. 

So, how about our Level 7 Diploma?

Our Level 7 Diploma course is just one of the courses that we offer here. In particular our Level 7 course really sets us apart as an organisation that is integral to set better standards across the UK. It is a great way to become an accredited practitioner and build a trusted business. 

What are the entry requirements?

As with any credible Level 7 Diploma course we have certain entry requirements. The course is accessible to registered healthcare professionals such as being a qualified Doctor, Dentist, Nurse or Pharmacist.

A deeper look at our curriculum

Our Level 7 Diploma is one of the best courses in the UK. In fact we have won an Independent Training Academy of the Year award at the Aesthetic Awards for two years consecutively (2021 and 2022). The programme has been created entirely with professionals in mind, by healthcare professionals. It serves as an excellent way to gain respected aesthetic medical qualifications and establish a professional practice in the UK. 

We take a holistic approach that sets us apart from other courses in London. We focus on delivering both theoretical and academic work, as well as offering hands-on experience. Our course is OTHM certified and awarded, meaning that it meets practitioner standard of Health Education England. It is in line with GMC, GDC and NMC principles of practice and guidelines. It offers students a postgraduate level of knowledge in the key areas of non-surgical aesthetics. This includes skin physiology, facial anatomy and complications in treatments. It also covers ethics and patient psychology, which will allow individuals to prescribe and administer treatments morally and appropriately.

There are four main aspects to the course. Firstly, candidates will complete a practical portfolio of training. This involves supervised learning and assessment of procedural skills, we do this with the assistance of mentoring sessions. Students also use a logbook to record all of the procedures they are involved in. This comprises of 40, which equates to 20 observed and a further 20 performed. These are across the market of toxin and dermal fillers. 

In addition to this we offer theoretical training which gives candidates access to E-Learning modules,offering a thorough background in the background of aesthetic medicine. This includes standard learning techniques such as lectures or literature papers. Students also need to submit essays and coursework in relation to these modules. 

As part of our academic portfolio, students will need to choose a topic to focus on for their coursework, which should include a case study and the subsequent professional practice assessment of that performance. 

Our Level 7 aesthetics training also offers candidates a Support and Training course which gives candidates the agency to ethically and correctly perform procedures on their own. It guides candidates outside the classroom and gives them the ability to assess each patient’s needs, taking into consideration their psychological needs and personal lives, showing that our Level 7 aesthetics training goes beyond simply performing a procedure. 

We offer a variety of courses aside from our Level 7 Diploma. 

Here are a list of some of them:

-Our CPD-certified* Botox® and Dermal Fillers training course which is for beginners and teaches foundation knowledge and skills. 

– We also offer a Sculptra Masterclass which addresses lines and wrinkles, involving interaction with established practitioners and experts. 

-We also offer a Foundation and an Advanced course Single Course  Foundation Botox Dermal Fillers Course which offers beginners a way to learn how to begin performing injections. 

– Another course is our Advanced Combined and Foundation in Single Course 

Polynucleotides Training Course. This offers a deep dive into this new and groundbreaking technology and explains how it can be used to explore new means of aesthetic technology.

The overall package

We offer a range of courses that offer a basis for training that lead onto a way to make a new and exciting way of living from working in the aesthetic cosmetic industries.

We are one of London’s most esteemed medical aesthetics trainers, so our courses offer professionals and those starting out a way to begin developing a practice that will make them able to build and develop a business with longevity, skill and wide ranging appeal, whether it’s in London or elsewhere in the UK.

So to find out how we can help expand your career, you can click on the button below to have a look at our London courses today!


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