Cadaveric Dissection Course

Cadaveric Dissection Course

Course Summary

Finally, a facial anatomy course like no other taught exclusively by anatomists, consultant surgeons and expert facial aestheticians who are global key opinion leaders in the field. An unparalleled collaboration that uniquely pairs the teachings on 3D facial anatomy by surgeons with applications for aesthetic medicine and clinical practice.

Take the 2D learning from books and lectures to the next level and really be able to contextualise your anatomy to ultimately enhance your patient outcomes.  

There is no better way to learn and appreciate facial anatomy than a cadaver course and it’s an absolute must for all practitioners wanting to take their learning to the next level

It’s time to raise the industry standards and your knowledge base. The ultimate cadaveric course for aesthetic practitioners will be held at the world-renowned anatomy laboratory in the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. Split over two days, the course comprises in depth detailed anatomy theory with demonstrations using ultrasound and focussed cadaveric dissection in small groups.

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Why attend the ultimate cadaveric course for aesthetic practitioners?

1. Understand your anatomy and optimise patient results and outcomes.

Understand your anatomy and optimise patient results and outcomes.

For so many years, practitioners in aesthetic medicine have thought that they can learn their anatomy from 2D illustrations in books and then translate this into their ‘3D’ patient to optimise outcomes and avoid complications. This just isn’t the case and as the speciality has evolved, this has become abundantly evident.

Appreciation of delicate anatomical structures, how the dynamic ageing process occurs and the way in which our face responds to product placement is essential for any practitioner and we now know that there is no true substitute to understanding the facial anatomy, appreciating anatomical planes and dissecting tissues other than operating or a 3D cadaver course.

2. Understand, avoid and manage complications.

Understand, avoid and manage complications.

A poll done amongst British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) members revealed that 80% of them have witnessed an alarming increase in requests from patients to correct failed facial aesthetic procedures in the past 5 years. Some members even shared that a third of their practices were fixing botched jobs while others avoided taking up such cases as the problems were often unsolvable and this increase was not solely due to non-medical practitioners!

An in-depth discussion around complications in non-surgical injectables with demonstrations on cadavers will be undertaken for all delegates to fully appreciate how complications can occur and indeed how to avoid and treat them (including retrobulbar hyalase).

3. Use devices and products and understand their placement in relation to the underlying anatomy.

Use devices and products and understand their placement in relation to the underlying anatomy.

Appreciation of product placement and the way that tissues respond in varying planes can only be acquired through a cadaver course or the use of external ultrasound and we will be combining both. Having an insight into this will enable you to optimise product placement for your patients and enhance your results from the least amount of product required- which in turn will improve safety for your patient and reduce potential complications. On this course, you will be able to see filler directly injected into tissue planes and the appearances seen on ultrasound as demonstrated by experts.

Cadaveric Dissection Course

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