The Art of Lip Augmentation: Book Top Lip Filler Training with us!

30th Sep, 2020
Est reading: 4 mins

Lip filler training is on the rise as new aestheticians see the demand for this treatment has not waned - despite the new era of mask-wearing. Lip fillers have been one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments for decades and, with the plumped pouts of Kylie Jenner, Molly Mae-Hague, and other celebrities filling our screens, the non-invasive procedure shows no sign of losing traction in the popularity stakes. Thankfully, the products and techniques used today are far removed from the questionable ‘trout pout’ result of former years and aestheticians are able to achieve a beautifully balanced, natural look for their patients.


Is it worth it?

If you are considering lip filler training or want to brush up on your skills ahead of recommencing your aesthetic practice, you can be fairly confident that any training costs will be recouped in patient bookings. Many patients have reported being eager to get back into aesthetics clinics post-lockdown to refresh their lips, and there are many more who are now considering the procedure due to the simple fact their face mask will cover any bruising as the lips heal. This removes any need for downtime for those patients who wish to keep their treatment choices private. There is no doubt that undertaking a lip filler course will enhance your portfolio and provide a lucrative revenue stream to your new or existing practice.


What makes the perfect lip?

Enhanced volume, subtle definition, and an appearance of hydration all contribute to the aesthetic quality of a beautiful lip. Nature’s divine proportions or ‘Golden Ratio’ are essential to achieving a balanced lip that works in harmony with the rest of the face. Our eye is naturally drawn to faces that honour this historic mathematical rule and studies have found we perceive such faces as more attractive. That being said, today’s patient is as varied as ever, and their desires and ideal outcomes are just as diverse. A full consultation with each patient will ensure you are aware of their treatment goals, and the results they are looking to achieve. Equally as important are the products used to achieve the ideal outcome for each patient. There are many fillers available, such as the Restylane UK range, which offer bespoke products for a range of treatment concerns. Any reputable lip filler training course will train you on the use of a range of different products and their application, alongside complications avoidance and management, and the safe use of hyalase.


Do your research

As ever, we advocate thorough research ahead of parting with your cash for any service, including aesthetic training. Scour the internet for reviews from previous delegates and check out the provider’s social media presence to ensure the academy is in good standing within the aesthetics community. Transparency in methodology and training structure is crucial, and it is important to ensure the teaching will be delivered in small groups with a robust practical element to allow you to cement your learning. Of course, during the current pandemic, it is also essential that any training you undertake will be safe and adhere to COVID Protocols & Guidelines.


Become a master

Looking for a lip filler training course? The Acquisition Aesthetics Lip Filler Masterclass provides the opportunity for practitioners to undertake bespoke lip filler training; learning to craft our signature lip and how to devise unique treatment plans for each patient. A complex layering of injecting techniques will be taught in addition to comprehensive lip anatomy and important considerations in relation to patient ethnicity, gender, and age. Delegates will discover the art of vermillion border definition, master cupids bow enhancement, and perfect their aesthetic eye – learning how to customise treatments to balance the face for a beautiful result that patients will be thrilled with.


If you would like more information or wish to secure a space on our sell-out Lip Augmentation Masterclass, email or call 020 3514 8757 to speak to a member of our friendly team.