Non-surgical cosmetic treatments – the wait is almost over!

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen countries over the world in lockdown, including the UK. Whilst this has meant many of us have been unable to work, see loved ones, or undertake any of the other day to day activities we are used to – scores of people have also missed being able to attend their favoured aestheticians and clinics for non-surgical cosmetic treatments. With the lockdown measures now easing, and the industry tentatively opening its doors next month – the wait is almost over!


More Than Just A Pretty Face.

For many people, undertaking non-surgical cosmetic procedures is about more than just looking good. Patients incorporate treatments into their self-care routines and praise the subsequent results as a vital component of maintaining their overall health and wellbeing. It has been reported that the inability to receive their usual treatments has been negatively impacting the self-esteem and overall mood of many, and our lines have been busy with many of our patients itching to get themselves booked in.


Will Lip Fillers Reign Supreme?

Many patients have therefore joyfully received the news that most clinics will begin safely resuming practice in the UK in July.  A recent article in Harper’s Bazaar discussed whether lip filler treatments will decline in popularity in what is likely to be an extended period of mask-wearing. We have found that high numbers are looking to book the long-reigning popular treatments; including lip fillers, and sculpting treatments for the jaw and cheeks; alongside Botox treatments for the upper face and eye area. Most patients book these treatments for themselves, and the desire to achieve their perfect pout remains – mask or not.


Can I Get Multiple Treatments At Once?

As countless patients used to regular treatment may have gone some time since their last appointment, many have concerns about getting all their usual treatments done at once. Patients will be pleased to know they are able to safely and effectively have a host of areas treated at the same appointment, and this is often the way to achieve a beautifully balanced overall result. A suitably trained aesthetician will be able to guide you in choosing the best combination of treatments that complement each other and produce the bespoke outcome you desire. Even if you are someone who previously had non-surgical cosmetic treatments regularly, it is important you are still given a thorough consultation ahead of treatment to ascertain the results you are looking for and ensure the suitability of the treatments. Of course, in light of COVID-19, there are new and important risks to consider when booking aesthetic treatments, and the clinic you attend should ensure you are fully versed on these risks allowing you to make an informed decision on your treatment options.


What If I Want Non-Surgical Cosmetics AND Medical-Grade Skincare Treatments?

As discussed in another of our recent articles, medical-grade skincare is a vital component of receiving an all-encompassing treatment plan from your clinician. Aestheticians can prescribe them for their powerful anti-aging effects, and incorporating them into your daily routine can actually enhance the result of the injectables. If you have dermal filler or Botox treatment, you will generally need to wait a minimum of seven days before having a chemical peel, microdermabrasion treatment, or similar. Your expert clinician will be able to guide you on your options and outline the optimal treatment schedule for your desired results.


Stay Safe – Wait For A Professional

Although we understand waiting months for your usual non-surgical cosmetic treatments is difficult, patients should be wary of aestheticians or clinics offering home visits during the lockdown – this is currently a direct breach of the government mandate and poses a significant safety concern for everyone involved. Not only does this increase the likelihood of furthering the spread of COVID-19, but a home environment is also unlikely to be suitable for the safe and sanitary provision of treatments. This increases the risk of complications, resulting in undesirable and/or dangerous outcomes for you as a patient, and potentially creates undue pressure on the NHS if you need to be treated by a medical professional.

Those active in the industry have also done their utmost to keep in touch with their clients and keep them informed of the dangers of attempting DIY versions of their favourite procedures. These treatments should only be undertaken by a trained and insured professional and the risks of attaining these products and treatments by alternative means are high – including the risk of misdirected product entering the arteries, infection, and even irreversible blindness. As hard as the wait has been, make sure you book to be treated by a known and reputable clinician with the appropriate professional training and treatment space.


Book Your Treatment Now

Our books are already filling up with cosmetic model appointments for our post-lockdown botox training courses. Booking as a cosmetic model with Acquisition Aesthetics provides you with access to bespoke treatments, closely supervised by our expert team of surgeons, all at cost price. You will also be pleased to know that we have put new safety protocols and policies in place in order to protect all our customers and ensure compliance with the latest government and clinical guidelines. If you would like to book a treatment on one of our dermal filler and botox training courses, call 020 3514 8757 or email to secure your space with our friendly team.


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