The Cosmetic Model Experience: Full Facial Rejuvenation Packages with Acquisition Aesthetics

What is a cosmetic model?

A cosmetic model patient at Acquisition Aesthetics is cared for from the very beginning of their aesthetic journey and long after treatment. Our cosmetic models attend training courses in London, Manchester and Newcastle to receive beautiful aesthetic (Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers) treatments at cost price. Models are treated during practical training sessions in which all delegates are monitored and guided under the close supervision of dedicated expert aesthetic trainers to ensure the highest standards of treatment and the best possible results. Training delegates with Acquisition Aesthetics include qualified  doctors, dentists and nurses only. This guarantees that all treatments are carried out safely and competently.

A fresh, youthful and rejuvenated look is becoming more and more accessible nowadays through the enormous growth of the non-surgical sector. The shift away from surgical interventions is driven by a number of factors including the reduced down-time associated with injectables compared with surgery as well as better affordability, reduced risk and general societal shifts towards acceptance and even celebration of Botulinum Toxin (sometimes known as Botox®) and dermal filler treatments. Risks do still exist within the non-surgical sector but with a faculty of plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and experienced cosmetic dentists our cosmetic models can rest assured that they are in the safest of hands.

A range of treatments are offered at Acquisition Aesthetics including anti-wrinkle Botulinum Toxin
 injections, lip enhancement and dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of lines in the lower face. The academy can also provide facial contouring procedures including cheek augmentation, chin filler (profile correction) and jawline contouring as well as bespoke full facial rejuvenation packages. We recognise that everyone's idea of ‘beauty’ is different, therefore, we ensure that all treatments are tailored to each individual model’s needs and desires. The goal of treatments performed by Acquisition Aesthetics is to restore and enhance the unique natural beauty within each and every cosmetic model. For any and every procedure, only the highest quality products are used including the Gladerma Restylane range and Allergan’s Juvederm.

By attending our expert academy clinics, you will be helping train the next generation of leading cosmetic doctors and contributing to the drive to improve standards of treatment in the cosmetic industry generally. As part of the cosmetic model experience, your results and thoughts may be shared on our website and social media platforms (with your consent) which allows us to provide treatments at discounted prices.

Want to find out more? Take a look at some of our recent cosmetic model treatment photos to discover some of the beautiful results you may be able to achieve yourself with Acquisition Aesthetics.

Q&A with an Acquisition Aesthetic Cosmetic Model

When considering treatment, it is understandable to have some questions or apprehensions and so, one of our lovely cosmetic models have answered some common questions for you!

What do you find the advantages are to attending our training days for treatment as opposed to standard private cosmetic clinics?

Before I came to your training days, I would say that the advantage is the price, and that is the main advantage that keeps me coming back! However, the other advantages that keep me coming back are: I feel safe. I feel like I’m in good hands being watched by so many people, knowing that my procedure is being analysed by several pairs of eyes. I feel comfortable as well – all the delegates are incredibly friendly, and it is a much “warmer” environment. Finally, I would say that I feel confident in knowing that for your company, the money you receive from me is not the bottom line and that for you, the most important thing is the photo at the end – in that way you and the customer have the same main goal in common.

Why did you decide to seek treatment with Acquisition Aesthetics?

I just thought I’d give it a go! Did I have concerns – absolutely. But I wanted to try it out, and I knew that the results were reversible should it not go as I wanted.

Did you have any initial anxieties or worries before treatment?

I was worried that a student doing my injection meant I would get a sub-par result– how wrong I was! I have recommended you to so many people because I love the subtle transformative work I’ve had done.

What was the day like for you?

Absolutely wonderful, on every occasion! Friendly, warm inviting – and safe. Always leaving feeling like I’ve been airbrushed to a more perfect version of myself.

What has been your favourite treatment to date as a cosmetic model?

You're killing me, how to choose! The first one I would have to say, when I had filler put into my chin, cheekbones and temples. Only because it was my first time, and I saw just how beautiful I could be.

Final thoughts from our faculty

If you are looking to have aesthetic procedures, there are a few things to think of before choosing your practitioner…

Make sure your practitioner is of medical background, just like our delegates! This ensures that you are receiving treatment from someone who understands and appreciates the anatomy and biology of the face as well as the science behind the products they are using. The injector should be trained specifically in Botulinum Toxin and dermal filler treatments by an academy or trainer who is fully compliant with the most up to date standards and regulations - this minimizes your risks of treatment errors and also gives you peace of mind that your injector is trained and capable of resolving any issues should they arise. Be mindful of aftercare support - always ask if it is provided and that you have help to turn to should you have any question or concern.

For a full list of the treatments available to our cosmetic model patients please take a look at our website

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