Complications Masterclass (Online Course)

Course Introduction

It’s not just the injecting that requires mastering and ongoing support- it’s the management of complications even more so- Dr Chadha, Director

This dermal filler complications course is designed to empower novice and experienced practitioners to prevent avoidable complications and recognise and treat unavoidable ones, should they occur.

Devised by a faculty of surgeons, the aesthetic complications course comprises:

  1. An anatomy-orientated programme of online lectures and videos

  2. The recognition and diagnosis of complications in toxin and dermal filler and provided with protocols for their management including the use of Hyalase

  3. A focus on anatomical danger zones, to ensure safe practice and the coverage of the medicolegal aspects of aesthetic complications

  4. Valuable insight into the wider implications involved

The use of our extensive real-life case studies ensures that the Complications Masterclass course and its teachings will remain with you, extending into your own practice. Delegates further benefit from a live Q+A session with our senior faculty. So if you are looking for Botox® training courses near you, get in touch with the Acquisition Aesthetics team!


Who is the Complications Masterclass suitable for?

We provide Botox courses for doctors, filler courses for dentists, and aesthetic nurse practitioners with a valid GMC / GDC / NMC number or the international equivalent.

Learning objectives

  • Detailed understanding of the clinical anatomy of the face including danger zones

  • Complications avoidance techniques

  • Early recognition and diagnosis of toxin and filler related complications

  • Management of filler related complications including: 

      • Vascular occlusion and tissue ischaemia / necrosis

      • Acute visual loss 

      • Infection

      • Oedema

      • Erythema

      • Parasthesia, dysaesthesia, anaesthesia 

      • Skin discolouration (inc. Tyndall effect)

      • Non inflammatory lesions

      • Inflammatory lesions

      • Ecchymosis

  • Management of toxin related complications including:

      • Pain, oedema and erythema

      • Unintended toxin spread

      • Infection

      • Headache 

      • Eyelid ptosis

      • Brow ptosis

      • Spock brow 

      • Diplopia

      • Asymmetry 

      • Compensatory muscular hyperactivity

      • Festooning

  • The theoretical and practical aspects of Hyalase use including treatment protocols

  • Case based presentations with gold-standard treatment plans and anatomical analysis

  • Client management (communication, documentation, consent and follow-up)

  • Medicolegal considerations – how to protect your professional registration and practice

What happens after the course?

Ongoing learning with continued mentoring support through Acquisition Aesthetics:

  • Upon completion of the online modules you will be invited to attend a live Q+A session with a senior member of the faculty during which you can explore any outstanding issues or questions in further detail 

  • A certificate is issued upon receipt of your feedback 

  • Access to discount on further courses with exclusive graduate offers 

  • Regular updates regarding new guidance, protocols, aesthetic regulations through our exclusive graduate mentoring email list

  • Exclusive invitation to graduates’ group forum for ongoing support from our extensive and international alumni

Online N/A Spaces Available £699.00 (+VAT)