Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy (IV FIT) Training

Course Introduction

This CPD-accredited one day course is delivered by IVNT experts with backgrounds in anaesthetics and intensive care medicine and will enable you to safely deliver micronutrient infusions for non-medical interventions. The course encompasses both theory and practical components that will enable you to understand, reconstitute, calculate and deliver IVNT immediately and launch a successful business.


Intravenous fluid infusion therapy (IVFIT) is a method of delivering a variety of high potency vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. It is also referred to as Intravenous Micronutrient Infusion Therapy (IVNT).

With a huge increase in popularity over the past few years, intravenous fluid infusion therapy (IVFIT) is the one of the latest and most exciting treatments you could introduce into your clinic or practice today, offering improved energy levels, rehydration, elated mood, recovery from jet lag and hangover, exercise recovery and enhanced muscle repair, reduced stress and assisted weight loss.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in the way IV treatments are now being used. Intravenous therapies were previously considered appropriate only as an intervention to treat ill health. Today, however, a wide range of clients are seeking IV infusion therapy to rejuvenate, energise and detox their bodies with many considering the treatment to be a luxury yet indispensable supplement to a busy lifestyle.

The IV therapy market is set to become even bigger with forecasts predicting billions of pounds worth of growth by 2020 – now is the ideal time to train and launch a successful IVFIT business within this thriving industry.


The science of micronutrients

History and consent

The history and development of IVNT

CQC insurance and supplies

Market and regulations

Cannulation (theory and practical training)

IM injection

Launching a successful IVNT business



  • Doctors,

  • Dentists,

  • NMC Registered Nurses,

  • Pharmacists

Supplementary Prescribers:

  • NMC Nurses/midwives,

  • Pharmacists,

  • Paramedics,

  • Operating Department Practitioners

Please note supplementary prescribers will not be able to prescribe what v300 prescribers or Doctors and Dentists can so it is important to be aware that supplementary prescribers will be limited to what you can purchase and administer without a prescriber on board.


  • Opportunity to register as a customer with collaborating partner IntraVita (product supplies)
  • Invitation to join AIMS (the Association of Intravenous Micronutrient Supplementation) for continued guidance and support
  • 5% discount on other courses with Acquisition Aesthetics for a 2-week period on completion of the IVFIT course

What Our Delegates Say


"It was a privilege to be taught by qualified anaesthetists! The course handbook is extremely detailed and the course instructors provided a great insight into how to set up a successful business in IV fluids."




"I came away confident in cannulation and excited to launch my own clinic in IVFIT. Thank you!"