Combined Enhanced Package

Acquisition Aesthetics is thrilled to offer this unique training package opportunity to clinicians looking for a fast-track route towards excellence in aesthetics and proficiency in some of the most in-demand treatments on offer in the sector.

The Combined Enhanced Package allows delegates to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to perform all foundation and advanced techniques as described below whilst providing further dedicated training in either lip augmentation, tear trough correction or the management of complications as an ‘add on’ masterclass at a discounted rate.

The Foundation and Advanced courses provide in-depth coverage of the pharmacological sciences of toxin and dermal filler as well as expert-delivered teaching in advanced facial anatomy and a comprehensive seminar in business and marketing for aesthetics. These courses are focussed on the practical exposure to treatments. With the best training group ratios in the country (trainer: delegate) the Foundation and Advanced courses allow delegates to grasp fundamental techniques in aesthetics with confidence. On the Foundation course, this includes the administration of upper face Botox® and dermal filler treatments including cheek enhancement, lip enhancement and treatment of lower facial folds (nasolabial folds / marionette lines). The advanced course comprises training in an extensive variety of advanced applications in toxin and dermal filler including the treatment of functional issues such as hyperhidrosis and bruxism as well as the use of the microcannula for a number of facial recontouring techniques such as jawline enhancement, profile correction, mid-facial rejuvenation and temporal hollowing.

Delegates get to select a masterclass of their choice to add on to this bespoke package option, extending their skill set in the most popular aesthetics treatments provided such as lip enhancement or tear trough correction. Full details of the masterclasses available within this package option can be viewed below.

This course includes:
 Advanced Botox® and Dermal Fillers Course
 Foundation Botox® and Dermal Fillers Course

And your choice of one of the following courses:
 Lip Augmentation Master Class
 Tear Trough Master Class
 Complications Master Class

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Detailed lip anatomy: muscles, vessels and nerves
  • The current market of lip fillers

The academics of lip augmentation:

  • The golden ratio
  • Variations related to age, gender and ethnicity
  • Current cultural trends
  • How to conduct a focussed consultation
  • The Acquisition Aesthetics’ Lip
  • Examination: a step by step approach
  • Practical applications and techniques
  • Complications avoidance and management, including but not limited to hyalase
  • workshop, bruising, necrosis, ischaemia, skin infections, lumpiness, oedema and Tyndall
  • Detailed anatomy of the peri-orbital region: fat pads, ligaments, nerves and vasculature
  • Assessment of the tear trough area and appropriate client selection
  • Patient consent
  • Basic science of dermal fillers, the current market and the finest treatment products
  • How to form a bespoke patient treatment plan
  • The Acquisition Aesthetics’ Signature Tear Trough Correction Technique: A step by step approach
  • Practical applications and techniques (including use of needle and microcannula)
  • Complications avoidance and management, including but not limited to bruising,
    ischaemia, necrosis, skin infections, lumpiness, oedema, the Tyndall effect and the use of Hyalase
  • Detailed understanding of the clinical anatomy of the face including danger zones
  • Complications avoidance techniques
  • Early recognition and diagnosis of toxin and filler related complications
  • Management of filler related complications including:
      • Vascular occlusion and tissue ischaemia / necrosis
      • Acute visual loss
      • Infection
      • Oedema
      • Erythema
      • Parasthesia, dysaesthesia, anaesthesia
      • Skin discolouration (inc. Tyndall effect)
      • Non inflammatory lesions
      • Inflammatory lesions
      • Ecchymosis
  • Management of toxin related complications including:
      • Pain, oedema and erythema
      • Unintended toxin spread
      • Infection
      • Headache
      • Eyelid ptosis
      • Brow ptosis
      • Spock brow
      • Diplopia
      • Asymmetry
      • Compensatory muscular hyperactivity
      • Festooning
  • The theoretical and practical aspects of Hyalase use including treatment protocols
  • Case based presentations with gold-standard treatment plans and anatomical analysis
  • Client management (communication, documentation, consent and follow-up)
  • Medicolegal considerations – how to protect your professional registration and practice

Select your preferred date and location for the Foundation and Advanced Botox® and Dermal Fillers Courses, then select a preferred date and location for ONE of the masterclass courses – Lip Augmentation, Tear Trough or Complications.

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Foundation Botox® and Dermal Fillers Course

Advanced Botox® And Dermal Fillers Course

Lip Augmentation Masterclass

Tear Trough Masterclass

Complications Masterclass (Online Course)

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