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Acquisition Aesthetics Launches
"Return to Work Scheme"

Acquisition Aesthetics, a leading name in the world of aesthetic medicine, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking “Return to Work Scheme,” generously supported by industry partners.

Have you taken a period of time away from your clinic and practice in aesthetic medicine?

Ready to integrate back in?

Let us help you to get back on your feet with our Return to Work Scheme.

What is the RTW scheme in aesthetic medicine?

The Return to Work Scheme from Acquisition Aesthetics is an industry supported initiative that will support your integration back into aesthetic medicine after a period of leave. Naturally we understand your confidence and competence and indeed practical skills will have decreased and we want to help give you the platform to support you and prop you up whilst you re-gain this skills in a safe environment in a community you can rely on.

Access to a personal mentor

Access to one of our expert facial aestheticians as a personal mentor and point of contact

Access to clinic shadowing

Attendance of up to two shadowing days in clinic with an experienced practitioner from our faculty*

Access to courses

Funded attendance (including travel and accommodation if required) on an Acquisition Aesthetics Training Course*

Support and mentorship

A programme developed by Acquisition Aesthetics, designed to integrate you back into your clinical practice through practical, shadowing and business support and personalised mentorship.

Had a long break?

Designed for aesthetic practitioners who have been out of Aesthetic Medicine for longer than 4 months full time.

Parents in Aesthetics

Available for mothers and fathers practicing in Aesthetic Medicine.

Extensive support

Up to 12 weeks of support

Access to digital business support

Access to Business and Marketing support from Rick O’Neill.

With over 22 years experience Digital, and 15 years in Medical Aesthetics, Rick can bring clarity, strategy and results.

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First of a kind Initiative

This innovative initiative is the first of its kind and designed to address the challenges faced by aesthetic practitioners who struggle to return to work after a period of leave. 

Often grappling with a lack of confidence, competency and direction after extended breaks, these practitioners find it challenging to navigate the highly competitive and self-employed landscape of aesthetic medicine in the UK. In response to this pressing issue, the Return to Work Scheme aims to empower two injectors by providing competency enhancement, confidence-building, logistical support through funded training, shadowing, mentoring and collaborations with industry trainers.

Moreover, the scheme places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, ensuring that practitioners from all backgrounds have equal access to this transformative opportunity. With this initiative, Acquisition Aesthetics is taking a significant step toward fostering professional growth and diversity within the aesthetic medicine field.

Giving confidence back

Returning to work- both in plastic surgery and also aesthetic medicine is something I have done 3 times now after each of my children! I appear and look confident on the outside but it was one of the hardest things I have ever done at some of the most fragile points of my life. I wish I had had a mentor or someone to lean on during that time so if we can serve to give this platform and confidence back to returning parents and indeed mothers, then we have achieved something great . 

Dr Priyanka Chadha

Director of Acquisition Aesthetics

Return to Work Scheme

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