Acquisition Aesthetics explains masterclasses for aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a booming industry, seeing a marked expansion of practitioner and client numbers year-on-year. In response to this recent growth—of which non-surgical procedures have played the major part—Health Education England (HEE) and the General Medical Council (GMC) published new guidelines in 2016 for all doctors engaged in cosmetic intervention. The Ofqual-approved Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine reflects the field’s concerted efforts to meet those standards; and while not a de jure requirement for practitioners, the Level 7 is increasingly treated (both by employers and clients) as the de facto one.

One would expect, then, that the Level 7 course offers everything the aspiring cosmetic practitioner need know. Certainly, top training firms like Acquisition Aesthetics provide excellent Level 7 tuition, covering every requirement under the new HEE/GMC guidelines; but in a theoretically and practically demanding field, there is always room for further elaboration, guidance and the honing of essential skills and techniques—especially for procedures that are more novel or of inherently greater risk. This is where the masterclass plays a key part in the development of practitioners (aspiring and current).

Take the example of Acquisition Aesthetics’ Lip Augmentation Masterclass. With guidance, delegates practice the many techniques of lip improvement: volume enhancement, border definition, tenting/vectoring techniques and more. The importance of the practitioner’s eye for beauty—incorporating ideas like the golden ratio and taking account of cultural trends and variations due to to age, gender and ethnicity—cannot be overstated. This aspect of practice receives relatively little emphasis on the standard Level 7 course, so our masterclass provides a much-needed dose of aesthetic knowledge. Good communication is key in delivering on client expectations, so delegates learn the ins and outs of conducting a focussed consultation. The examination process is broken down, step by step, versing delegates in a watertight, systematic approach to the assessment of client needs. Like any medical procedure, lip augmentation brings the possibility of complications. The masterclass covers important measures for avoiding such issues and for managing them when they do unfortunately arise. Practitioners who take this class are much better prepared than otherwise to meet the challenges of lip augmentation with confidence from the get-go.

Acquisition Aesthetics’ Tear Trough Masterclass is similarly worthwhile, supplying detailed knowledge in the relevant anatomy and in the science of dermal fillers. Delegates enjoy guided practice in standard techniques and learn Acquisition Aesthetics’ signature approach to tear trough correction. Matters of patient consent are thoroughly considered, and practitioners are taught how best to put together a bespoke treatment plan to ensure client satisfaction. As in our Lip Augmentation Masterclass, treatment-specific training in the avoidance and management of complications is included.

The topic of medical complications is itself so broad and important as to merit its own dedicated course. Acquisition Aesthetics’ Complications Masterclass covers in detail the clinical anatomy of the face and includes complications-avoidance techniques that draw on the pharmacokinetics and biochemistry of toxin and filler products. The earlier a toxin/filler related difficulty is recognised and diagnosed, the better; delegates are taught to spot and verify the first signs of medical complication—a vital element in harm reduction. A host of symptom management techniques are learnt. Just as important, client management (i.e. communication, documentation, consent, follow-up) is covered in depth. And while client well-being is always the first concern, our masterclass also gives crucial insight into matters of legal protection for the delegate’s professional registration and practice.

An important feature common to all these masterclasses is the immediate access they give trainees to a wealth of medical expertise. While this is apparent throughout each session, it also makes itself felt through our excellent after service. Trainees enjoy continued mentoring support from expert trainers as and when required, gain access to our graduate forum and receive exclusive updates and information via email. Refresher courses are also available at a discount to masterclass graduates.

Old hands and novices alike will find our masterclasses an edifying, empowering and enriching experience. There is no doubting their place on the learning curve of the aesthetic practitioner.

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