Navigating the Future of Cosmetic Aesthetic Training: Understanding the JCCP’s Latest Release

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetic aesthetic procedures, staying informed and prepared for the latest changes is essential. With the recent release of public consultation by the government into unregulated cosmetic practices on September 2nd, 2023, there’s no better time to explore what lies ahead for those seeking a Level 7 Diploma in Cosmetic Aesthetic Injectable Therapies.

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key takeaways from the JCCP release about the current government consultation and how they may impact your journey toward becoming a certified aesthetic practitioner. 

In this initial consultation, the spotlight is on three primary areas:

  1. Procedures Under Consideration: Which aesthetic treatments should be included in the licensing scheme?
  2. Practitioner Eligibility: Who should be authorized to perform these treatments? Are there specific qualifications or restrictions?
  3. Age Considerations: At what age should individuals be allowed to undergo these procedures?

It’s essential to note that this is just the beginning. There are many facets to the proposed licensing scheme, and this consultation is the first step. Future discussions will delve into topics like education and training standards, maintaining a sterile environment, necessary insurance coverages, and the potential licensing fees.

The Qualification Landscape: What’s Changing?

One of the most significant aspects addressed in the JCCP release is the qualification requirements for individuals seeking to operate with a license. While specific degree and qualification requirements have yet to be finalized by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), it’s clear that the level of qualification may depend on the invasiveness of the procedures being offered.

Let’s dive into the key aspects of the latest consultation:

1. RAG Rating System for Treatments

A new RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating system is proposed to classify non-surgical aesthetic procedures based on their risk levels. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Green (Low Risk): These are the proposed treatments with theoretically minimal complications. Practitioners can perform these if they meet the set standards:
    • Microneedling
    • Mesotherapy
    • IPL and LED therapies
    • Surface-level chemical peels
    • ‘No-needle’ fillers (this is problematic and should be highlighted and objected to in the consultation – the hyaluron pen falls in this category)
    • Micropigmentation, including microblading
    • Non-ablative laser hair removal
    • Photo rejuvenation
  • Amber (Medium Risk): These treatments have a moderate risk. Non-healthcare professionals need a license and oversight by a qualified healthcare professional. However, trained healthcare professionals can perform these without oversight:
    • Botulinum toxin injections
    • Dermal fillers for the face
    • Biorevitalisation injections
    • Vitamin and mineral injections
    • PRP therapy and Biofiller
    • Spider vein treatment
    • Weight loss injections
    • Carboxytherapy
    • Cellulite subcision
    • Cryolipolysis
    • HIFU treatments
    • Radiofrequency treatments
    • Plasma ablation
    • Medium depth peels
    • Prescription strength topical treatments
    • Electrocautery
    • Hybrid device treatments
    • Cryotherapy
  • Red (High Risk): These are the most complex treatments with the highest risk. They are proposed to be regulated by the CQC and restricted to qualified healthcare professionals:
    • Thread lifting procedures
    • Hair restoration surgery
    • Body augmentation procedures
    • Dermal micro-coring
    • Hay fever injections for skin redness
    • Liposuction with ultrasound and large bore cannula
    • Deep chemical peels
    • Deep-targeting lasers
    • Procedures classified as TDDI
    • All intravenous injectables and infusions

For Red-rated procedures, only healthcare professionals operating from CQC registered premises can perform them, ensuring non-healthcare professionals are excluded.

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we’ve always emphasized the importance of aligning with industry standards and government frameworks. Our Level 7 Diploma in Cosmetic Aesthetic Injectable Therapies has been designed with these considerations in mind, ensuring that our delegates are well-prepared to meet future qualification standards.

Accreditation for Training Courses:

For training organisations like ours, accreditation is a vital component of ensuring that our courses meet the evolving industry standards. The JCCP recommends compliance with Ofqual approved awarding bodies or UK universities for organizations offering courses for licensing purposes.

Rest assured, at Acquisition Aesthetics, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of education and training. Our courses are designed to align with the latest guidelines, ensuring that our delegates receive the best possible education to succeed in their careers.

Level 7 Qualification:

The JCCP release highlights the importance of aligning with frameworks like the JCCP Competency Framework and government qualification standards. This ensures that procedures like injectables are performed at the appropriate level, potentially at Level 7.

Acquisition Aesthetics recognizes the significance of these qualifications and is dedicated to providing delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their practice. Our Level 7 Diploma is tailored to meet these standards, setting our delegates on a path to success.

Preparation for the Future:

As the landscape of cosmetic aesthetic procedures continues to evolve, the choice of qualifications becomes increasingly important. The JCCP release advises caution when selecting qualifications in anticipation of future DHSC mandates.

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we are committed to keeping our delegates informed about any updates that may affect their careers. We understand that the journey to becoming a certified aesthetic practitioner is a significant investment, and we are here to support our delegates every step of the way.


In the rapidly changing industry of aesthetics, staying informed and prepared is crucial for success. With the recent JCCP release for public consultation, the future of qualification requirements and industry standards is taking shape.

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on offering a Level 7 Diploma in Cosmetic Aesthetic Injectable Therapies that is designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Our commitment to excellence in education and training ensures that our delegates are well-prepared for the future of cosmetic aesthetics.

For more information about our Level 7 Diploma and how it aligns with the latest industry developments, please explore our delegate site. We’re here to support your journey toward becoming a certified aesthetic practitioner.

Most importantly, the aesthetics industry is on the brink of some significant changes, and your voice matters. Here’s a quick rundown of the timeline and what to expect:

  • Consultation Period
    • The initial consultation is open for a total of 8 weeks. This is your chance to share your thoughts, concerns, and insights. Make sure to mark your calendars:
    • Deadline: The consultation wraps up at 11:59 pm on 28 October 2023.
  • Post-Consultation Phase: Once the consultation period concludes, there’s a structured plan in place:
  • Analysis Phase: The government will take time to review and analyze all the feedback and information provided during the consultation.
  • Collaboration with Experts: Throughout 2024 and 2025, the government plans to collaborate with expert groups. The aim is to refine and finalize the elements that will form the foundation of the licensing scheme. Key areas of focus will include:
    • Education and training standards
    • Insurance requirements
    • Infection control and hygiene qualifications
    • A comprehensive fees model

This is a pivotal moment for the aesthetics industry. The proposed changes aim to ensure the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and quality in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Now is the time to get involved and shape the future.


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