Bordered by the Pennines and the Cheshire Plain, this striking city is home to much beauty and spectacle: gorgeous Victorian red-brick architecture; a thriving theatre and dance scene; numerous world-class art galleries and museums—all pay testament to Manchester’s longstanding and manifold regard for beauty. The world’s first industrialised city has also long been a fount of new science and technology: Rutherford first split the atom at the University, whose status as the UK’s largest evinces the importance placed here on learning and discovery. This dual commitment to beauty and truth make Manchester the perfect place for aesthetic medicine, whose practice and development they underpin.

Botox® Courses in Manchester

The cosmetic courses available at our aesthetics training centre on Oxford Street in Manchester are CPD-certified and provide everything you need to get started or to advance as an aesthetic medicine practitioner. Our available Botox® training courses include the foundation Botox® course for doctors, dentists and nurses new to the specialism, as well as advanced Botox® training to instruct practitioners in further techniques of facial aesthetics. Our Manchester centre also offers a combined cosmetic course, covering both foundation and advanced theory and practice—at 10% less expense than the equivalent two Botox® courses taken separately.

Dermal Fillers Training in Manchester

Our centre on Oxford Street in Manchester offers a selection of CPD-accredited cosmetic courses for nurses, doctors and dentists interested in practicing aesthetic medicine. Available dermal filler courses include foundation dermal fillers training covering fundamental techniques and theory, as well as the popular advanced dermal fillers course for practitioners looking to further augment their knowledge and skill. Our combined cosmetic course, available at the Manchester centre, covers the theory and techniques of both the foundation and advanced dermal fillers courses, while costing the learner 10% less than the two cosmetic courses taken individually.


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