Newcastle was named for the castle—the ‘New Castle upon Tyne’—built in 1080 AD by Robert Curthose, eldest son of William the Conqueror. In the intervening millennium, this small town has grown into a vibrant metropolis and the most populous city in the North East. With its two prominent universities and its famous nightlife and artistic scene, Newcastle continues to attract aspiring and energetic people of every stripe. A commercial hub and a gorgeous city—‘the best-looking city in England,’ according to northern broadcasting legend Stuart Maconie—Newcastle is the perfect place to mix business with beauty.

Our teaching centre in Newcastle is ideal for the ambitious learner looking to kickstart a successful career in aesthetic medicine.

Botox® Courses in Newcastle

Make a strong start in your aesthetics career with CPD-certified cosmetic courses at our Newcastle training centre: a foundation Botox® course provides medical professionals with all the skills and knowledge needed to begin practicing non-surgical aesthetic medicine; our advanced Botox® training imparts further theory and techniques to take cosmetic practitioners to the next level; a combined cosmetic course includes teaching at both foundation and advanced levels—at a lower cost than the two cosmetic courses taken separately.

Dermal Fillers Training in Newcastle

The Acquisition Aethetics centre at Crowne Plaza in Newcastle offers CPD-accredited dermal fillers courses for practicing and aspiring aesthetic professionals: for beginners, our foundation dermal fillers training imparts learners with the essential techniques and knowledge to begin practicing cosmetic medicine; further theory and skills are covered in the advanced dermal fillers course (our most popular programme of study); for learners looking to save time and money in the pursuit of aesthetic excellence, both foundation and advanced knowledge and techniques are taught on a combined cosmetic course, also available at our centre in Newcastle.


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