G-Prime – What’s It All About?

Thanks to vast improvements in communications technology and a rise in celebrity endorsements, consumer demand for dermal filler has continued over the past two years. But with this rise in popularity also comes added pressure on clinics. Clinics have also seen a rise in the range of patient requests, new practitioners and new products enhanced […]

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd: Julia Kendrick’s Insider Tips on How to Stand Out in Today’s Competitive Aesthetics Industry

Julia Kendrick PR

Julia Kendrick, award-winning communications consultant and founder of Kendrick PR has over eighteen years of PR experience and now specialises in medical aesthetics and high-end skincare/beauty brands. A regular aesthetic industry author, speaker and expert in the field, she has worked with some of the UK’s leading clinics, brands and manufacturers in aesthetics. Julia places […]

Top Tips on Using the Microcannula

top tips using microcannula

When working in the aesthetics industry it’s always important to be on the pulse for new ways to offer better services to your clients. If you currently deliver facial injections or are looking to add this to your offering going forward, the Microcannula technique can be the best way to do this. A unique and […]

How To Succeed In Your Aesthetics Interview

how to succeed in your aesthetics interview

When looking to kickstart your aesthetics career, it’s a good idea to get some experience by working in an established practice. By doing so you will get hands-on experience and the chance to refine your technique under the guidance of those that have a wealth of experience behind them. If you’ve been offered an interview for […]

How to Develop your Aesthetic Clinic’s Brand

If you are a current aspiring aesthetics practitioner, you’ll understand the high level of dedication and training required to forge a successful career in the industry. Less talked about, though, is the importance of developing an effective and reputable brand for your aesthetic clinic. Having a solid business plan in place will be indispensable for […]

How to Screen for Mental Health Issues in the Aesthetics Consultation

If you’re an aesthetics practitioner working within a clinic in the UK, you’ll understand the vital importance of the initial patient consultation. Consisting of a number of core elements, your first point of contact with a new potential client is a valuable opportunity for both patient and client to obtain key information about their suitability […]

Introducing the Acquisition Aesthetics Ambassador Scheme

Acquisition Aesthetics is delighted to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Ambassador Scheme. As a leading training provider in aesthetic medicine with an esteemed faculty of expert aestheticians, we feel a duty to support the next generation of aesthetic practitioners as they carve out a career in the industry. Our desire to support medical […]

Why Aesthetics Training is Beneficial for your Dental Practice

If you’re running a dental practice and looking for lucrative options to appeal to a broader client base, aesthetics training could be the perfect option for expanding your business. Not only are non-surgical cosmetic procedures the ideal skill for dental professionals to obtain, but the aesthetics industry is thriving more now than ever, and demand […]

The Level 7 Diploma: How to Achieve a High Score in SAQs

The Level 7 Diploma in aesthetics medicine is widely regarded as the approved standard of education in dermal filler and Botox® training. Once you’ve committed to undertaking the Level 7 Diploma, you’ll likely want to think about how you intend to organise the training around your career and lifestyle commitment. Planning is key to the […]

Aesthetics Calendar Year 2022 – Events to See and be Seen

After a prolonged time spent indoors and in isolation, we’ve all savoured the opportunity to get out of the house and socialise more in the past few months. Industry events have been one of the most sorely missed aspects of the aesthetics field. The opportunity to network with like-minded professionals is an invaluable experience for […]

Why Mentoring is an Integral Part of the Level 7 Diploma

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the highest quality injectables training, with each course carefully curated for the success of our delegates. A fundamental aspect of our Level 7 aesthetics diploma is the mentoring that our learners receive from esteemed members of our aesthetic faculty. These highly-qualified aestheticians and experienced trainers […]

Breaking the Stigma of Botox® for Men

It’s no secret that Botox® has been a hugely popular aesthetics treatment across the country for the past couple of decades and growing at a phenomenal rate each year. It’s only in the past few years, though, that it has become a truly sought-after and accessible procedure for men. So, why are men choosing to […]

Acquisition Aesthetics: A Year in Review

We can’t quite believe that 2021 is drawing to a close! The past year has been one of challenges and uncertainties for our organisation and businesses throughout the wider aesthetics community. Still, here at Acquisition Aesthetics, we have much to be thankful for as we continue to learn, expand and develop. We’ve enjoyed notable successes […]

How to Market your Aesthetics Clinic at Christmas

If you’re an aesthetic practitioner in the UK or Ireland, you’ll be well aware of just how much business is booming for the industry at the moment. While many clinics are enjoying a profitable festive season, it’s important to remember that an effective Christmas marketing strategy will help set you apart from the competition and […]

IV Drips & Vitamin Infusions: The Pros and Cons

With self-care the hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, it is no surprise that new and innovative health and wellness treatments are becoming increasingly popular. One such indulgence is vitamin infusion therapy, which, while not necessarily new to the wellness scene, is quickly becoming one of the most highly-requested pick-me-up procedures in clinics up […]

The Growing Interest in Aesthetic Procedures Amid The Pandemic

In a year that has seen unprecedented changes in consumer mindsets and priorities, thousands of businesses up and down the country have been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite several months of uncertainty surrounding the future of the industry, it is clear that the aesthetics sector is one that has seen […]

Acquisition Aesthetics Host the AUCC 2021

The directors of Acquisition Aesthetics recently had the honour of hosting the 2021 Aesthetics United Charity Conference at the Hotel Sofitel London. Dr Lara Watson and Dr Priyanka Chadha, founders of Acquisition Aesthetics and Aesthetics United, brought together industry leaders on Saturday 20th November for this exciting event, with a schedule that included pioneering lectures […]

The Benefits of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments in the aesthetics industry. Dubbed the ‘liquid nose job’, the procedure aims to fill in uneven areas of the nose, lifting the tip or levelling out the appearance of bumps on the bridge. The popular aesthetics treatment offers several benefits for both patient […]

Aesthetics Training for Nurses: Our 5 Top Tips

Book Level 7 OSCE Preparation Course at Acquisition Aesthetics

Are you a qualified nurse looking for a fresh career opportunity? Whether you’re feeling frustrated by the pressures and demands of public healthcare or simply in search of a new challenge, aesthetic medicine is an attractive option for all medical professionals, with a plethora of perks that will benefit both your professional and personal life. […]

The Benefits of Keeping Up with CPD Essential Learning

Dr Lara Watson and Dr Priyanka, directors of Acquisition Aesthetics, highlight the significant impact that CPD accredited learning has on businesses within the healthcare industry. CPD is a fundamental aspect of essential learning, arming professionals with the necessary tools to progress consistently within their field. Through a carefully constructed blend of approaches, techniques and ideas, […]

The Importance of Understanding your Patient’s Psychology

If you’re an aesthetics practitioner in the UK, you’ll be well aware of the importance of conducting a thorough consultation with your process. However, less talked about is how vital it is for practitioners to understand patient psychology. Whatever your client’s reason for undergoing cosmetic treatment, as the professional administering the treatment, you should be […]

The Best Practice for Filler Dissolving

If you’re an aesthetician in the UK, there’s no doubt that lip fillers are likely to be one of your most highly requested treatments. With an ever-growing clientele seeking the perfect pout, many people now view regular lip augmentation top-ups as necessary as a haircut or a manicure. However, one of the biggest rising beauty […]

Aesthetic Expert Tips: How to Use a Cannula

For aesthetic practitioners, the most popular technique used to treat patients with dermal filler is typically a traditional sharp needle that is injected underneath the skin to create the desired result. However, as the industry continues to grow and training opportunities expand, new and innovative aesthetic instruments are cropping up to aid in achieving perfect […]

A Guide to the Newest Injectables in 2021

The aesthetics industry is worth billions in the UK and consistently growing. Cosmetic trends are constantly changing, with influences from celebrities and social media having a tremendous impact on the demand for aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. It’s no surprise, then, that cosmeceutical companies are constantly emerging with new and improved injectables year after year, offering […]

5 Ways Aesthetics Medicine is a Positive Career Change for Doctors

There’s no doubt that aesthetics is an incredibly fast-growing industry, worth around £3.6 billion in the UK alone. For medical professionals such as doctors, this thriving field can offer an exciting new career path that is both challenging and rewarding. While the demand for cosmetic medicine has never been higher, many doctors are unaware of […]

AMWC 2021: An opportunity to collaborate and connect

As summer drew to a close, we at Acquisition Aesthetics eagerly anticipated the return of the annual Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AMWC). A fantastic event for accomplished and aspiring practitioners in aesthetic medicine alike, this year’s AMWC took place in Monaco from the 16th to 18th of September. Following the success of last […]

Dr. Priyanka Chadha and Dr. Lara Watson launch The Directors’ Clinic Injector Scheme (DCIS)

Acquisition Aesthetics is thrilled to announce the launch of ‘The Directors’ Clinic Injector Scheme’ (DCIS), which will involve a unique collaboration between our directors and two of our recent Level 7 graduates. As the demand for Acquisition Aesthetics’ award-winning training continues to grow, we are delighted to share an exciting new chapter of our journey. […]

Why Now is The Best Time to Book Aesthetics Training

With the summer evenings becoming shorter and cooler each day, it’s apparent that the colder months are well and truly on the way. December is a hugely popular month for aesthetic treatments, and demand is high in the build-up to Christmas and New Year. If you’re a medical professional considering a career in aesthetics, now […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Aesthetics Treatments

In aesthetic medicine, the patient-practitioner relationship is a significant one that is often underestimated. From the initial consultation, the client entrusts the clinician to undertake what can be a life-changing treatment for many. As an aesthetician, assessing patient mental health is paramount before agreeing to deliver an injectable procedure.  For those patients who are good […]

How To Conduct The Perfect Patient Consultation

For doctors, dentists, and nurses pursuing a career in aesthetic medicine, the main objective of a toxin or filler course is to gain the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to successfully deliver injectable treatments. Equally important, though, is developing the ability to carry out a thorough and effective patient consultation. Understanding the exact needs of […]

Botox® Training Near Me: We’re Expanding!

Acquisition Aesthetics is thrilled to announce the expansion of our gold-standard training academy. Thanks to overwhelming demand for aesthetics training in the UK and Ireland, we’re now offering Botox® and filler training in the cities of Dublin and Glasgow. Our skilled trainers are committed to providing the highest standard of aesthetics training and can’t wait […]

Is Aesthetics the Future of Cosmetic Medicine?

Acquisition Aesthetics | cosmetic trends procedures | botox training uk

There’s no doubt that aesthetic medicine is one of the biggest cosmetic trends of the decade. Everyone from celebrities to influencers are taking to social media to showcase their results, eliminating the historic taboo associated with admitting to having had work done. The combination of these factors has meant that the demand within clinics is […]

Level 7 Aesthetics Diploma Course – Everything You Need to Know

It’s no secret that aesthetic medicine is an exciting industry to be a part of. With a wealth of professional opportunities and the scope to build your own brand, it’s possible to create a flexible working schedule and improved work-life balance through a career in aesthetics. Combined with the extensive added knowledge gained in a […]

How to boost your junior doctor pay with aesthetics training

As a Junior Doctor, you’re fully medically trained and working in a clinical setting, treating patients and taking the lead. Your starting Junior Doctor pay is likely to be around £28,808 in your first year and could remain around this for the time you continue towards higher surgical or medical training – this could be […]

How to Start an Aesthetics Business: 7 Tips to Get Started

Starting an aesthetics business is exciting, challenging and really rewarding. But if you’re new to the industry, or running your own business, then it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. If you’ve previously worked in the NHS then it can be a very different experience (in a good way)… The best advice we can give […]

Do I Need An Aesthetic Practitioner Degree To Become An Aesthetician?

As the aesthetics industry continues to grow rapidly, Botox and filler courses offer benefits such as increased work-life balance and considerable monetary rewards for medical professionals. You can also cultivate a career in aesthetics to fit around NHS commitments if required. If you’re considering getting into the field of aesthetics, you may have wondered about […]

How To Train as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner in the UK

Thousands of nurses in the UK have trained as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, but demand is still growing in this exciting, lucrative field of nursing. More and more clients book aesthetic treatments every day, which means the industry needs trained and experienced nurses just like you. What Does Aesthetics Mean? Aesthetic medicine focuses on changing […]

Best Lip Filler Courses UK: What to Consider

Lip fillers are one of the most searched for aesthetic treatments in the UK. In recent years the demand for this treatment has risen at an unprecedented rate, with requests in clinics skyrocketing. Lip fillers are also one of the most profitable treatments on a clinic’s portfolio, so can be extremely lucrative to generate income […]

Botox Courses for Beginners: All You Need to Know

Botox is in high demand from UK consumers. This represents a significant opportunity for trained medical professionals – such as nurses, doctors and dentists – to diversify into aesthetics. Aesthetic treatments, such as Botox, can be a great way to generate income from your clinic as well as the opportunity to develop new, specialist skills. […]

Level 7 Aesthetics Course – Future of Aesthetics?

Delegate viewing the level 7 aesthetics diploma

The Level 7 aesthetics course is a post-graduate qualification that was devised in order to standardise the quality and content of the training available to practitioners of non-surgical aesthetics procedures. The diploma offered by Acquisition Aesthetics is provided through awarding body OTHM and allows practitioners to meet Health Education England’s (HEE) Qualification Requirements for Delivery […]

The Changing Face of Aesthetics

acquisition aesthetics - Changing Face of Aesthetics

Most aesthetic treatments have long held their own in the industry, requested for decades and enjoying long-term popularity as well as significant peaks following media buzz or celebrity news. As we previously reported, despite the unavoidable plummet in face-to-face aesthetic appointments and treatment administration during recent events, the demand for non-surgical aesthetics has remained. Good […]

2021 Top Cosmetic Beauty Procedures & Treatments

2021 looks set to be a busy for year for aestheticians providing cosmetic beauty procedures and treatments, with their popularity showing no signs of diminishing, despite the COVID pandemic and recurring national lockdowns. If you’re an aesthetician looking to hit the ground running in the New Year, now is a good time to be planning […]

The Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetics: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Safe & Trusted Aesthetic Practitioner

The Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies is a qualification that was devised in order to standardise the quality and content of the training available to practitioners of non-surgical aesthetics procedures. Tighter general regulations on non-surgical interventions were implemented after a report by Health Education England (HEE) outlined the required levels of competence […]

Read our top 5 nutritious foods to help you get beautiful skin

The skin is a wonder-organ, the largest in the body, and consists of the hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis – with each layer serving its own unique purpose, carrying out multiple vital functions such as: healing from injury, regulating body temperature, and producing vitamin D. As such an important player in our health and wellness, it […]

The Art of Lip Augmentation: Book Top Lip Filler Training with us!

Lip filler training is on the rise as new aestheticians see the demand for this treatment has not waned – despite the new era of mask-wearing. Lip fillers have been one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatments for decades and, with the plumped pouts of Kylie Jenner, Molly Mae-Hague, and other celebrities filling our […]

Read our latest tips on how to make money in aesthetics within the UK

2020 has been quite the year so far. Alongside the tragedies the world has witnessed, the devastating impact of a global pandemic, and the abrupt interruption to life as we know it – many of you have been left wondering about your business and employment prospects as an aesthetic practitioner, and how to make money […]

Filler Training Course – What To Expect

If you’ve recently made the decision to undertake your first filler training course, kudos to you for embarking on a journey into the exciting and fast-paced world of aesthetics! It’s natural to have a few questions about what might be in store, so here we have laid out what to expect. Online learning Many reputable […]

Learn how to develop an Aesthetic Practice as a qualified Nurse today

As an exciting and rapidly advancing industry, the aesthetics arena entices practitioners from a variety of professional backgrounds. Many hail from medicine as trained nurses, which makes sense, as medical nurses are perfectly placed to excel in the aesthetics field with their clinical training, understanding of anatomy and physiology, and experience managing patient care and […]

Grow your medical practice with aesthetics from Acquisition Aesthetics

Undertaking medicine and related study in the healthcare field is not for the faint-hearted. Many doctors, dentists, and nurses have dreamed of their career since childhood and are dedicated to their practice. As high achieving and hardworking individuals by nature, more and more medical professionals are pursuing passions beyond traditional medical practice, or indeed alongside […]