Tear Trough Masterclass Launched by Acquisition Aesthetics!

In the world of aesthetics, just like any other industry, things can fall in and out of favour with surprising regularity. Tear trough rejuvenation as an aesthetic treatment, however, has been in ever-increasing demand since the turn of the century, when the first well-publicised application of this non-surgical technique was used by oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Malhotra. As a key component of facial attractiveness and ageing, the appearance of the periorbital area has a significant impact on how individuals perceive themselves and others, and it would appear there is no shortage of patients looking for treatment to remedy their concerns.

What is tear trough deformity?

Tear trough deformity or prominence is categorised by the appearance of dark under-eye circles, and a deep ‘hollowing’ under the eye that is virtually impossible to effectively conceal with make-up. This can be exacerbated by a hereditary disposition and as a result of the natural ageing process of the face. Over time, anterior displacement of infraorbital fat and a general loss of volume in the face can contribute to this presentation, alongside thinning of the tissues, loss of skin elasticity, and reduced osseous support. Hyperpigmentation of the area can also add to the illusion of depth. The resulting impact creates a tired and aged expression.


Non-surgical tear trough correction involves very precise and controlled administration of dermal filler into numerous aspects of the under-eye region, helping to smooth the transition between the lower eyelid and upper cheek – a result considered aesthetically favourable.

Often thought to be one of the most difficult (and potentially dangerous) places to inject, there are various essential considerations for practitioners conducting this procedure, including confidence in periocular anatomy and careful selection of appropriate filler for each individual, based on patient presentation and skin thickness. It is also vital that a broad cohort of injecting techniques is fully understood and expertly utilised in order to achieve the most effective and natural result.

Risks & complications

The most common minor issues with this procedure include lumps, hypersensitivity reactions, and the Tyndall effect, but other possible complications can be much more serious. Tissue necrosis can occur if filler is injected into a vessel, and damage to neurovascular bundles in this area (often aptly referred to as ‘The Danger Zone’) can lead disastrously to central renal artery occlusion (CRAO), resulting in permanent blindness.

Due to the inherent risks of any surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure, but especially when considering the complex anatomical nature of the periorbital area – tear trough rejuvenation is a procedure that should only be carried out by extensively qualified and highly experienced practitioners who have undertaken the necessary training with a reputable provider.

There is a significant tendency towards anxiety amongst injectors and trepidation amongst clients in relation to this treatment – and rightly so. Due to the inherent risks involved, the technique should only be performed by capable hands and following a thorough consenting process. The injector should be able to demonstrate an excellent working knowledge of facial anatomy and the management of serious complications associated with dermal filer use.

A close up before and after image of a woman showing tear trough treatment results

Masterclass launched!

As a training academy, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to delegate need. We received an overwhelming number of requests from both new and existing delegates for focused training in the art of tear trough rejuvenation. As such, we have worked hard to develop our long-anticipated Tear Trough Masterclass, the only course of its kind in the UK. With just 8 delegate spaces, a spot on this bespoke Masterclass will give you access to our expert trainers covering anatomy, diagnosis, causes, associated risks, and treatment of tear troughs. Launching in February in Newcastle, with a London course following in March – our expert faculty, led by Dr Elle Reid are looking forward to sharing the secrets to mastering this highly complicated, yet highly coveted procedure.

A close up before and after image of a woman showing tear trough treatment results

We have a number of other Masterclasses available including a Lip Augmentation Masterclass and a Complications Masterclass. Attending these intensive, focused courses is an excellent way to identify yourself as an advanced injector within the industry and boost your aesthetics practice.

Email contact@acquisitionaestheticsco.uk, or call 020 3514 8757 to book your space or discuss any queries with our friendly team.

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